End of March round up

Posted Wed 31 March 2021 in garden

You can compare with March last year.


Pulmonaria 'Trevi fountain'

Photo 1000524


Photo 1000538 Photo 1000542

Anemone blanda

Finally got several Anemone's growing in the main part of the garden. Photo 1000539

This one is Anemone blanda 'Charmer' Photo 1000533

Doronicum 'Leonardo compact'

Another (final?) attempt at growing and keeping a Doronicum. So far this is the best as I've at least got some flowers! Photo 1000540

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My oldest Tulip

Posted Wed 31 March 2021 in garden

I have some Tulips that originated from a single bulb planted in 2013 in a container that has moved with me. This year there were 8 in the original container, 2 I moved to another and two which I planted out in the ground which have grown well this time. Last time I tried putting some in the ground they didn't flower and have disappeared.

The colour quickly fades away, but starts out quite a subtle pink ripple on a creamy yellow.

Photo 1000543

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Anemone blanda

Posted Tue 30 March 2021 in garden

At long last after several failures I've got a fair few Anemone blanda in the main part of the garden.

Photo 1000539

This is a returning patch of Anemone blanda 'Charmer'

Photo 1000533

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Winter aconite seedlings

Posted Sun 21 March 2021 in garden

I noticed a few patches of destinctive seedlings and it seemed that they were all near to the Winter aconites.

After a bit of reseaerch I am fairly sure that these are in fact seedlings from the Winter aconites.

Photo 1000518

They have an interesting lifecycle. These seedling leaves are all you get in the first year. In year two they have small leaves with many lobes. By the third year, the leaves look something like the adult plant. Flowers happen in the fourth year, or perhaps the third according to one source.

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Posted Sat 20 March 2021 in garden

The daffodils that grew near the left fence when I arrived here have almost all gone.

There are now some Narcissus 'Jetfire' here which seem to be doing OK. Also in the picture is a Pulmonaria 'Trevi fountain'.

Photo 1000523 Photo 1000524

Most of the remaining plain yellow daffodils are in the back border, where they are surviving at least. Photo 1000522

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Weather for February

Posted Mon 01 March 2021 in weather

The average temperature was 4.1C with a minimum of -6.4C and maximum of 12.7C. Last year the average was 4.7C and it never went below -1.1C, So it was generally a lot colder this year and there were 9 frost days (last year 5) and an ice day where the temperature never went above zero.

There was 78mm of rain, very similar to last year with 74mm.

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End of February round up

Posted Sun 28 February 2021 in garden

You can compare with February last year.


A few things were flowering this month.


The primroses survive well here and are gradually spreading.

Photo 1000489

Photo 1000492


The snowdrops bulbs that I got last year were supposed to be Galanthus nivalis, but they have broad shiny green leaves and so are probably G. woronowii. This is annoying as I prefer the thinner and gray green leaves of G. nivalis.

Photo 1000496


This is Helleborus × hybridus 'Christmas spirit'. I chose this as the flowers seemed to be more upward pointing than is typical. In practice they are mostly downward or at least sideways pointing.

Photo 1000498

Winter aconite

There were three patches that returned this year this was the biggest. Looking back to last year, there are far more flowers now than then, so they are doing well. I am going to get some more.

Photo 1000469


This is now …

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Catkin open day

Posted Thu 25 February 2021 in garden

The catkins are opening up. Since I've been here this event has varied between 22 Feb and 16 March, so this year is on the earlier side.

Photo 1000476

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