ALSA software

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture

The ALSA project is producing a great sound system for Linux. The official home page for the project is at

pmidi - play midi files through ALSA sequencer

Here is a straightforward program to play midi files through the ALSA sequencer. You can direct the output to any available sequencer client:port combination and can supply a list for midi files that use more than 16 channels.


The beginnings of a native ALSA sequencer program. While it is at an early stage of development, it is possible to do a few useful things with it. It is now at the stage where there is a fairly complete track based view and editing. Tracks can be recorded or read in from a file and played back. They can be cut up into parts, rearranged and dragged from one song to another.

Timidity as an ALSA sequencer client

Note: The latest official timidity program now supports being an ALSA client directly. Get it from here.

Old link

AWE32/64 Synth driver

A port of the wavetable synth driver to ALSA.

This driver has now been improved by Takashi Iwai and incorporated into the ALSA CVS, along with OSS emulation. You should preferably obtain a CVS snapshot rather than using this driver.

High resolution timer

An experimental high resolution timer for ALSA. This ALSA module uses the RTC that exists on all such PC's to provide a higher resolution time base.