Melys Midi sequencer for Linux


Melys is a Midi sequencer application for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA). Melys uses the sequencer support of ALSA, along with the GNOME libraries to produce a powerful and easy to use sequencer.

Currently the following features are in place:

  • A track view with drag and drop re-arrangement and copying of track parts
  • A piano roll view where notes can be freely moved and copied.
  • A tempo view where the same can be done for tempo changes.
  • Multiple files and multiple views of the same file can be open at once and elements moved or copied between them. All related views update when one is changed.
  • Tracks can be recorded and overdubbed.
  • Files can be read and saved as Midi or in a text MDML format.

Releases are made frequently, on average one every week.

There is a melys page at sourceforge, where the mailing lists and downloads are held. I'd like to thank everyone there for providing this service. Logo



The following software is Copyright 1999 by the authors and is licensed under the GNU General Public License. You may freely use, improve and distribute the software under the terms of the licence.

The latest version

Note: You need libxml version 1.7 or higher. If you see lots and lots of errors in mdmlread.c that is probably the reason.

  • melys-0.1.17.tar.gz
    (9 Feb 2000.) Only minor changes from 0.1.16. The sequencer API changed yet again in ALSA 0.5.2 and so changes made in Melys to compile. Minor fix so grid re-displays correctly when it is re-sized. Note: The tar file is smaller than 0.1.16.
  • melys-0.1.16.tar.gz
    (7 Jan 2000.) This is just like 0.1.15 except that it compiles with ALSA version 0.4.1. You do not need to upgrage if you are using the 0.5.0 development version of ALSA.

Download patches from previous releases

You can patch a previous release by applying the patches below. The file melys-0.0.9.patch will patch the 0.0.8 release up to version 0.0.9 for example.

melys-0.1.17.patch.gz (135k)melys-0.1.16.patch.gz (0k)melys-0.1.15.patch.gz (11k)
melys-0.1.14.patch.gz (12k)melys-0.1.13.patch.gz (6k)melys-0.1.12.patch.gz (16k)
melys-0.1.11.patch.gz (16k)melys-0.1.10.patch.gz (15k)melys-0.1.9.patch.gz (0k)
melys-0.1.8.patch.gz (4k)melys-0.1.7.patch.gz (26k)melys-0.1.6.patch.gz (37k)
melys-0.1.5.patch.gz (7k)melys-0.1.4.patch.gz (19k)melys-0.1.3.patch.gz (21k)
melys-0.1.2.patch.gz (24k)melys-0.1.1.patch.gz (24k)melys-0.1.0.patch.gz (2k)
melys-0.0.20.patch.gz (43k)melys-0.0.19.patch.gz (10k)melys-0.0.18.patch.gz (12k)
melys-0.0.17.patch.gz (8k)melys-0.0.16.patch.gz (73k)melys-0.0.15.patch.gz (31k)
melys-0.0.14.patch.gz (40k)melys-0.0.13.patch.gz (9k)melys-0.0.12.patch.gz (22k)
melys-0.0.11.patch.gz (44k)melys-0.0.10.patch.gz (45k)melys-0.0.9.patch.gz (15k)
melys-0.0.8.patch.gz (26k)melys-0.0.7.patch.gz (31k)melys-0.0.6.patch.gz (13k)
melys-0.0.5.patch.gz (64k)melys-0.0.4.patch.gz (32k)