Melys screen shots

The obligatory screenshots

The main track view

The main track view. You can see some tracks are muted. There can be several parts within a track. The scale along the top now corresponds to real bar divisions. The play pointer can be seen, as well as the zoom controls.

Track view of Melys

The piano roll view

Here is the piano roll view. You can move and copy notes and groups of notes, both in time and in pitch. You can have several of these views open at the same time. You can zoom in both directions, and the current play position is shown.

Piano roll view

The tempo view

This is the view where you can edit the tempo changes. You can also see the timesignature and keysignature areas. It is not yet possible to edit the key- and time-signatures from within Melys, but they will be displayed correctly if they exist in a Midi file. As in all the views the current play position is shown.

Tempo view

The track properties dialogue

This is the track properties dialogue.

Properties dialogue Logo