Around the Christmas before last I had an Amaryllis indoors and when it had finished flowering and after the frosts were past, I put it outside. After a while I planted it in the ground, intending to dig it up in autumn after the leaves died down.

However as soon as it was in the ground the leaves were eaten right down and so I forgot about it.

Over the winter the Aquilegia completely covered this area and when they had finished flowering I pulled them up as part of tidying the back border.

I was very surprised to see that the bulb had sprouted some leaves and even more surprised to see that a bud was forming.

Now it is flowering!

Photo 7814

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This wasn't that impressive last year, but suprisingly it survived the winter out in the ground and it bigger with a lot more flowers this year.

Photo 7813

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End of June round up

You can compare with last year.


The average temperature was 14.1C with a minimum of 3.2C and maximum of 30.1C. There was 89mm of rain, so a reasonable amount, but not as much as last year at 137mm.


This is the one by the back door. The flowerhead was exceptionally tall last year, and seems to be shorter this year.

Photo 7753

Geranium × magnificum
This is my favorite Geranium, shame it flowers for such a short period though.

Photo 7754

Geum 'Totally tangerine'
This was a mass of flowers this year, recovering from last year where I reduced it to about a quarter of the size it had reached.

Photo 7760

Knautia macedonica 'Melton Pastels'
The Goldfinches have been eating the seeds of this plant, although not visible in this photo, I did see one actually eating them and there were many empty seed heads.

Photo 7761

Knautia macedonica self seeded
I …
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This is really the longest evening

Blogs everywhere on Midsummer day proclaim that from then on the evenings will be getting shorter - not true!

The evenings continue getting a little longer for several days afterwards, and conversely the earliest morning occurs a few days before midsummer's day.

In Newcastle it doesn't quite get dark at this time of year, nautical twilight does not end. Nautical twilight corresponds to when there is still enough light to see the horizon even when there is no moon so that mariners could still reliably navigate by the stars.

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Mystery plant flowers

The mystery plant that I grew from seed, that was supposed to be Salvia × superba has now flowered. There was little reason to suppose that it was any kind of Salvia although I had come to suspect that it was. I've looked through many pictures of different species and of course it is much easier with flowers open as most pictures focus on the flowers.

Anyway the attractive distinctive blue pattern on the flower lead me to Salvia forsskaolii. All the other attributes of the plant match up, in particular the large basal leaves which are quite unusual for a Salvia, and look quite foxglove like on the young plant.

The way the flowers open is quite strange. On the lowest whorl of flowers two flowers on opposite sides of the stem open. The next whorl up two more flowers open, again opposite, but at right angles to the ones …

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The Roscoea lives!

I had given up on this plant and marked it as died over winter in my plant list.

But today I noticed it had returned. There are a few plants that are well behind where I expected them to be, but at least there has been some sign of them.

Photo 7784

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The cordyline flowers

This is the fourth summer season I've been here and this is the first time that the Cordyline has flowered. It is very much bigger that it was when I arrived and I was thinking of cutting down the tallest trunk. Glad I didn't get around to it!

Strangely there is a much smaller Cordyline nearby that is also flowering, I've never noticed any in flower before.

Unfortunately the flower was positioned so that it was somewhat hidden from me. The flowers didn't last all that long, but while they did they were swarming with bees.

Photo 7765

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Six on the Sixth day of the Sixth month

Did I say last week that no rain was forecast? Yes I did but the very next day the forecast changed and now we've had more rain during the week that the whole of April and May combined and a good chunk of March if not all of it.

Anyway the plants are now smiling and very happy.

So time for Six on Saturday hosted by The Propagator.


This is the orchid by the back door that has been here since before I moved here.

I've just looked back on pictures from the first year and it was quite a small flower head back then. I think it is not as large as last year.

Photo 7753


This geranium came with the garden, I believe it to be Geranium × magnificum. This is a division of the original that I made a couple of years ago. It is now much bigger …

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