Weather for April 2021

The average temperature was 5.5C (last year 8.8C) with a minimum of -3.0C (-2.9C) and maximum of 17.2C (19.6C).

There were 13 days when the temperature dropped below zero, and last year there were just 3 frost days.

There was 17mm of rain, whereas last year there was just 5mm.

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End of April round up

You can compare with last year.

Its the month of Tulips and Primroses and not much else. It was a pretty cold month which has held everything back I think.


These are a mixture of 'Orange Brilliant' and 'Cape cod' tulips. Both from 2018, so they have survived reasonably well in this location. Some that were planted by the side of the house have just about all gone now.

Photo 1000561

These Tulipa 'Ballade' were originally planted in 2018 and have thrived as there are 12 here and a couple elsewhere from the original packet of ten bulbs.

Photo 1000594

The first year I moved here I planted a bulb in the front lawn. Every year there has been leaves, but this is the first flower.

Photo 1000587

After the 'Ballade' tulips die back, the T. 'Ballerina' take over the orangeness duties. There are also some 'Peppermint stick' and Tulipa bakerii 'Lilac Wonder'that …

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Erythronium Pagoda

First time I've grown any Erythronium, this is Erythronium 'Pagoda', only two of the four that were planted have come up.

Photo 1000585

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Wild viola

I don't recall any of these when I moved here and some of them are growing where it used to be lawn. This one is growing in the gravel.

Not sure what kind of violet they are, probably Viola riviniana.

Photo 1000583

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Frost affected tulips

April has started out very frosty after a warm end to March. Never seen this before - all my tulips are drooping in the morning with the frosts. They are straightening up again later in the day.

Photo 1000548

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Weather for March 2021

The average temperature was 6.8C with a minimum of -2.1C and maximum of 18.0C. Last year the average was 5.8C (min -3.2C, max 17.0C).

There were 3 days when the temperature dropped below zero. But last there were 8 frost days. So overall it was warmer and less frosty than last year.

There was 22mm of rain, whereas last year there was 24mm.

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End of March round up

You can compare with March last year.


Pulmonaria 'Trevi fountain'

Photo 1000524


Photo 1000538 Photo 1000542

Anemone blanda

Finally got several Anemone's growing in the main part of the garden. Photo 1000539

This one is Anemone blanda 'Charmer' Photo 1000533

Doronicum 'Leonardo compact'

Another (final?) attempt at growing and keeping a Doronicum. So far this is the best as I've at least got some flowers! Photo 1000540

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My oldest Tulip

I have some Tulips that originated from a single bulb planted in 2013 in a container that has moved with me. This year there were 8 in the original container, 2 I moved to another and two which I planted out in the ground which have grown well this time. Last time I tried putting some in the ground they didn't flower and have disappeared.

The colour quickly fades away, but starts out quite a subtle pink ripple on a creamy yellow.

Photo 1000543

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