Catkin opening day

The catkins on the hazel are now opening. They take a day or two to completely open, so I try to pick the day where they are about half out to declare Catkin Day. As you can see there are still some that have not opened fully.

This is the latest they have opened which is a bit of a surprise, and I wonder what triggers their opening as this winter seems like it was the mildest it has been since I got here.

Last year was the earliest they have opened - the 22nd February.

Photo 7586

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I like this orange cowslip-like primula. It has been increasing and there are separate plants with a similar colour like this, one of them is quite a distance away.

Photo 7562

This is Primula 'Gold lace'

Photo 7568

This blue Primula is in the same area as the previous one. I think I bought it last year to replace ones that didn't survive. Another nearby one didn't survive.

Photo 7569

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First daffodils

The first of the pre-existing Daffodils to open is in the back border. Last year it was one in the left border, but there are fewer and fewer of the original Daffodils in that border each year and none of the remaining ones is anywhere near flowering.

Photo 7570

The first of the N. 'Jetfire' from last year are flowering.

Photo 7560

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End of February round up

Compare with last year.


The average temperature was 4.7C with a minimum of -1.1C and maximum of 11.8C, and there were 5 frost days when the temperature dropped below zero. So overall it was warmer than November and December. It rained on 19 days, with a total of 74mm of rain, so there was much less rain than in many places that suffered floods.

Funnily enough the minimum temperature through the whole of the winter months was only -2.3C and there was a colder day in November than that. Its also likely that the temperature will drop below that in March too in which case there will be colder days in autumn and spring than in winter.


Things look more bare than I remember at this time last year, mainly I think because the new area which is highly visible from the house has …

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Winter aconite

I had forgotten I planted some Eranthis hyemalis in the part of the garden near the house. One of them has pushed up a flower bud. No sign of any more so far, nor the ones from last year.

Photo 7533

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End of January round up

Compare with last year.


The average temperature was 5.6C with a minimum of -2.3C and maximum of 12.8C, and there were 3 frost days when the temperature dropped below zero. So overall it was warmer than November and December. It rained on 17 days, with a total of 32mm of rain, so quite dry.

Last year it was much colder with an average temperature of 3.8C.


There is not a lot of difference to the end of December although of course the Primroses, Hellebores and Cyclamen coum are more advanced.

The white Hellebore is doing very well this year:

Photo 7517

The new red one is flowering quite well but is much smaller:

Photo 7518

I can't say the snowdrops are thriving, be interesting to see how many there are this year. Some are just starting to flower: Photo 7520

New shoots

There are lots of tulips, daffodils and …

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First anemone blande

The first signs of the Anemone blanda have appeared.

This is exactly the same day as the first sighting last year, but earlier than 2018 where the first sighting was the 4th February. They typically flower until at least the end of April.

Photo 7529

Photo 7530

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Possible Primrose from seed

The yellow Primrose to the left has a distinctly lighter center than the primrose that was planted in early January 2018. I see from a web search that they take about 20 months from germination to first flower, so there is just about enough time for this to be an offspring of the one I bought. On the other hand it may be just a coincidence and it arrived some other way, since there were other primula in the garden originally although all either cowslip or polyanthus style.

Photo 7524

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