End of April round up

Posted Fri 30 April 2021 in garden

You can compare with last year.

Its the month of Tulips and Primroses and not much else. It was a pretty cold month which has held everything back I think.


These are a mixture of 'Orange Brilliant' and 'Cape cod' tulips. Both from 2018, so they have survived reasonably well in this location. Some that were planted by the side of the house have just about all gone now.

Photo 1000561

These Tulipa 'Ballade' were originally planted in 2018 and have thrived as there are 12 here and a couple elsewhere from the original packet of ten bulbs.

Photo 1000594

The first year I moved here I planted a bulb in the front lawn. Every year there has been leaves, but this is the first flower.

Photo 1000587

After the 'Ballade' tulips die back, the T. 'Ballerina' take over the orangeness duties. There are also some 'Peppermint stick' and Tulipa bakerii 'Lilac Wonder' that are not fully out yet.

Photo 1000593

Here are the T. 'Lilac wonder' open.

Photo 1000577


Photo 1000558

Photo 1000559

Photo 1000546


The Doronicum continues to flower away. Perhaps this one will finally last until next year?

Photo 1000591

This is Zaluzianskya ovata 'Star Balsam', didn't realise it flowers so early.

Photo 1000588

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