Tulips 'orange brilliant'

These tulips have returned for the third year running. There were originally 10 bulbs, and I can now count around 15 around the garden including by the side of the house which doesn't get much sun.

So a very successful tulip.

Photo 7633

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Actaea shoots

The Actaea simplex 'Pink Spike' is just starting to unfurl its first leaves of the year.

Photo 7630

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Tulips in the trough

These are the tulips I've had for many years, it started out as just the one. Last year I removed a few and planted them in the ground, but those have not returned this year. There are 8 flowers here this year.

Photo 7627

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Tulip and bulb order

Last year I ordered and planted some bulbs and didn't record this at the time, so here is the list

On 12 October ordered from J Parkers:

Also bought locally:

  • Daffodil 'Jetfire' (15)
  • Tulip 'Ballarina' (15)
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End of March round up

Compare with last year.


The average temperature was 5.8C with a minimum of -3.2C and maximum of 17.0C, and there were 8 frost days when the temperature dropped below zero. So the coldest temperatures were below that reached in February, so both the autumn and spring lowest temperatures were lower than the whole of the winter months.

It rained on 18 days, with a total of 24mm of rain, so a very dry month like Dec and Jan.


The main part of the garden is quite bare in the winter and it still is. In some ways this is intentional as the earliest flowering plants are at the edges so that the later flowers grow up in front as they die back.

I noticed that I lost my Geum 'Mrs J. Bradshaw' which should have been one of the spots of green. Also missing is a Ligularia

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Coltsfoot flower

This coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) appeared in one of the containers. There has never been one in the garden, although they are common enough round about, especially where earth has been turned over as part of building works in the next estate.

Since the flowers appear before the leaves, it must have been there last year (or longer!) and I didn't just notice it. This prompted me to look it up and I found this interesting coltsfoot page.

It seems that they grow well on clay, so it is ironic that it is growing in the container with compost instead of the heavy clay in the rest of the garden.

Photo 7608

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I am continuing to have problems finding early spring bulbs that work well with my garden conditions.

There are a few Puschkinia flowering but fewer than last year I feel. The flowers fall over easily and perhaps they need to be somewhere sheltered a bit surrounded by something taller.

Anyway here is a single one at the back of the garden.

Photo 7599

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What is this?

So this appeared:

Photo 7597

There used to be a Eryngium 'Neptune's gold' in roughly the same location which has a similar lime green colour.

Trouble is that it died last year and was removed.

So possibly it wasn't fully dead and a piece of root remained which is now regrowing, or it is a seedling.

The new shoots last year looked completely different to this. It looks more like a seedling to me. If it is a seedling, then it is most likely to grow to be very different from the original.

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