Spring scene

Posted Sat 11 April 2020 in garden

This is the area which originally had a lot of daffodils but they have been steadily reducing since I've been here.

I've added some 'Jetfire' daffodils (yellow and orange with swept back petals) and some 'Katie Heath' which is the one with white and an pale apricot trumpet you can just about see.

The three taller all-yellow daffodils are the pre-existing ones.

There is some Muscari in the background and a Pulmonaria 'Trevi fountain' at the bottom right.

The tulips are mixed 'Triumph', these have returned for the second year.

Photo 7640

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Posted Sat 11 April 2020 in garden

This is my Epimedium × warleyense which is flowering for the first time. Flowers are quite small and they look bigger than they are in this picture.

Photo 7641

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Tulip 'Cape cod'

Posted Sat 11 April 2020 in garden

These 'Cape cod', like the 'Orange brilliant' are on their third year. Their survival is more mixed. The ones by the side of the house have gone, or at least not flowered - there are a few leaves. The ones in the main garden as you see below are doing fine.

It seems that the leaves are very prone to being eaten.

Oh and although these are supposed to be 'Cape Cod' they look different to all the pictures on the internet which have a lot more orange in them as a stripe up the center of the petals.

Photo 7636

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Tulips 'orange brilliant'

Posted Tue 07 April 2020 in garden

These tulips have returned for the third year running. There were originally 10 bulbs, and I can now count around 15 around the garden including by the side of the house which doesn't get much sun.

So a very successful tulip.

Photo 7633

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Actaea shoots

Posted Mon 06 April 2020 in garden

The Actaea simplex 'Pink Spike' is just starting to unfurl its first leaves of the year.

Photo 7630

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Tulips in the trough

Posted Sun 05 April 2020 in garden

These are the tulips I've had for many years, it started out as just the one. Last year I removed a few and planted them in the ground, but those have not returned this year. There are 8 flowers here this year.

Photo 7627

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Tulip and bulb order

Posted Thu 02 April 2020 in garden

Last year I ordered and planted some bulbs and didn't record this at the time, so here is the list

On 12 October ordered from J Parkers:

Also bought locally:

  • Daffodil 'Jetfire' (15)
  • Tulip 'Ballarina' (15)
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End of March round up

Posted Tue 31 March 2020 in garden

Compare with last year.


The average temperature was 5.8C with a minimum of -3.2C and maximum of 17.0C, and there were 8 frost days when the temperature dropped below zero. So the coldest temperatures were below that reached in February, so both the autumn and spring lowest temperatures were lower than the whole of the winter months.

It rained on 18 days, with a total of 24mm of rain, so a very dry month like Dec and Jan.


The main part of the garden is quite bare in the winter and it still is. In some ways this is intentional as the earliest flowering plants are at the edges so that the later flowers grow up in front as they die back.

I noticed that I lost my Geum 'Mrs J. Bradshaw' which should have been one of the spots of green. Also missing is a Ligularia

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