End of June round up

Posted Sun 30 June 2019 in garden

It was a very wet month with 137mm of rain, which is almost exactly the same as the previous three months combined.

The average temperature was 13.6C (night 11.1C, day 14.6C). And the minimum temperature 5.7, and the max went up to 27.9.

Photos from the month

Some events during the month that have not been previously shown.

This was an amazing show this year, with the whole tree covered in blossom. Last year only part of it was covered. This year the clematis that grows through it has grown tall and fallen down, then grown up again covering a good portion of the Pyracantha.

Photo 7203

Gladiolus communis subsp. byzantinus
This is an early flowering Gladioli variety. Hopefully they will increase over the years, but it has yet to be seen if they will survive. They do further south.

Photo 7232

Photo 7239

This appeared among the Tulips, presumably an imposter in the bulb order I made last year. So I don't know what it is, a search for "yellow Allium" brings up Allium molly. That isn't one that is sold by Rose Cottage plants however, and the couple of yellow ones that they do sell, look nothing like this.

Photo 7220

Teasel progress
The teasel took up a lot of space last year with very large basal leaves, but this year it takes almost no room but is very tall. The flowers are beginning to form.

Photo 7226

Rose flowering
The rose that has been growing without flowering since I have been here has now produced its first flowers.

Photo 7229

This has been growing since I arrived here. Probably from seed as there seems to be a number of separate plants. It has been growing larger over the years but has never flowered.

The leaves are small and resemble a Maidenhair fern and I did wonder if it was at one stage.

Now that it has flowered, I think it is definitely a Thalictrum, but which one? The flowers are tiny, much smaller than any of the cultivated ones that I've seen. The leaves are also smaller and more delicate than the cultivated varieties I've seem recently. My best guess is Thalictrum minus but my certainty is very low as there are a lot of similar ones.

Photo 7235

Phlox divaricata subsp. laphamii 'Chattahoochee'
Newly bought and planted this month. This is a low growing species of Phlox and is a mass of flowers.

Photo 7245

I also bought this Gazania which is supposed to open more than usual, but it has spent a lot of the time closed even when the sun is on it...

Photo 7247

List of all flowering this month.

This is a reasonably complete list: Bluebell, Geranium, Lupin, Saponaria, Geum (all of them), Potentilla delphinensis, Thrift, Orchid, Pyracantha, Primula, Dahlia, Campanula, Gladiolus, Allium, Astrantia, Rose (wild), Astilbe (small), Thalictrum, Osteospermum 'Lady Leitrim', Helenium, Salvia, Lychnis chalcedonica, Foxglove.

Work in progress

I started removing the section of the back border containing the Lysimachia puncta. The tulip bulbs are being lifted and saved for autumn. Currently the new Phlox and Ligularia are planted there.

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