Six on Saturday, 15 June

Posted Sat 15 June 2019 in garden

Its been a wet week with more rain than in the whole of May. In one way this is good as most of my plants don't tolerate dry soil and the previous dry spells this year and last have made me wonder if I've made a mistake.

The temperature has been low too so not much growth either but the flowers that are already out are probably lasting longer, at least where they are not damaged by the rain.

So here is my selection of six things in the garden today.

Here is the link to today's Six on Saturday at The Propagator blog, if you want to join in or just see more gardens around the world.

1. Orchid

This orchid was already in the garden, it may be wild as these kind of orchids grow around here.

This year I was very excited to see that there was a second flowering stem. You can see it low on the right, and although it is slightly hidden it is only about an inch tall so you can see most of it.

It may be a Northern Marsh Orchid or a Southern Marsh Orchid. As they are so variable and hybridise so easily I don't think it is possible to tell the difference for sure, but if you have an opinion I'd be interested.

Photo 7218

2. Primula vialii

It survives another year! I know that these don't last long for most people so I'm just glad to see it return. There are only three flowers this year. Last year there were at least five.

Photo 7213

3. Lupins

These are my two new lupins this year. The blue one is L. 'Persian slipper' and the red one is Lupinus 'My castle' (brick red).

They have survived the rain and wind without falling over, unlike the established lupins which I have relented and put some supports in for them.

Photo 7215

4. Geranium

This is my favorite Geranium. The flowers are amazing, the leaves look good and it never gets untidy looking. The only problem with it is that there is a single flush of flowers and that's it.

It came with the garden but I believe it is Geranium × magnificum.

Also in the picture are a Potentilla and some California poppies which are both standing upright in this location.

Photo 7217

5. Lewisia cotyledon Elise

Whenever I see a Lewisia in a Six on Saturday I think it looks great and that I should get one, then I see that it doesn't like wet winter conditions and I doubt that it will survive here in my soil.

Then I forget all that and buy one anyway. I shall do my best to give it a good environment to keep it happy over the winter and we shall see if it survives.

Photo 7223

6. Astrantia major 'April love' with bonus bee.

Its more colourful before it opens fully. Can't say that I like it that much.

Photo 7221

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