End of January round up

Posted Fri 31 January 2020 in garden

Compare with last year.


The average temperature was 5.6C with a minimum of -2.3C and maximum of 12.8C, and there were 3 frost days when the temperature dropped below zero. So overall it was warmer than November and December. It rained on 17 days, with a total of 32mm of rain, so quite dry.

Last year it was much colder with an average temperature of 3.8C.


There is not a lot of difference to the end of December although of course the Primroses, Hellebores and Cyclamen coum are more advanced.

The white Hellebore is doing very well this year:

Photo 7517

The new red one is flowering quite well but is much smaller:

Photo 7518

I can't say the snowdrops are thriving, be interesting to see how many there are this year. Some are just starting to flower: Photo 7520

New shoots

There are lots of tulips, daffodils and crocus beginning to …

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First anemone blande

Posted Sun 19 January 2020 in garden

The first signs of the Anemone blanda have appeared.

This is exactly the same day as the first sighting last year, but earlier than 2018 where the first sighting was the 4th February. They typically flower until at least the end of April.

Photo 7529

Photo 7530

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Possible Primrose from seed

Posted Sat 18 January 2020 in garden

The yellow Primrose to the left has a distinctly lighter center than the primrose that was planted in early January 2018. I see from a web search that they take about 20 months from germination to first flower, so there is just about enough time for this to be an offspring of the one I bought. On the other hand it may be just a coincidence and it arrived some other way, since there were other primula in the garden originally although all either cowslip or polyanthus style.

Photo 7524

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End of December round up

Posted Tue 31 December 2019 in garden

Compare with last year.


The average temperature was 4.7C with a minimum of -1.8C and maximum of 12.1C, and there were r9 days when the temperature dropped below zero. It rained on 18 days, with a total of 28mm of rain, so much dryer than November which was the wettest month of the year.

Every plant that is in flower at the end of the year

Well here we have a picture of every kind of plant that was in flower on the 30th December.

There are several primroses in flower Photo 7504
Winter jasmine
Photo 7505
Photo 7506
Helebore 'Mont blanc'
Photo 7507
Helebore 'Christmas spirit'
Photo 7508
Photo 7509
Helenium 'Mardi gras'
Photo 7511
Sidalcea 'Elsie Heugh'
Photo 7512
Cyclaman coum
Not a great photo, but included for completeness Photo 7513
Photo 7514
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End of November round up

Posted Sat 30 November 2019 in garden

It seems to me that last year, there were flowers surviving much later than this year. The Penstemon that I grew last year, survived but did not flower - I saw one flower, but did not get a picture.


The average temperature was 5.6C with a minimum of -3.4C and maximum of 11.2C, and there were 7 days when the temperature dropped below zero. It rained on 28 days, with a total of 140mm of rain.

Flowering early in the month

The flower heads last year were really small, but this year much larger - I would say more normal size. Perhaps the dry weather last year was the problem. Photo 7455

The shrubby Salvia's were still in flower in the early part of the month. Here is Salvia 'Day glow'. Photo 7457

The Lewisiacontinued flowering throughout the month. This is really out of season for it …Photo 7458
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Six things 30 Nov

Posted Sat 30 November 2019 in garden

My first six on Saturday for a while, on the off chance that you are wondering what that is all about then head over to The propagator blog for lots more slices of Saturday garden life in six easily digestible pieces.

After a week of darkness and rain it cleared up for the weekend for a change. Of course the sun was combined with some frost, it's the 8th day this autumn that the temperature has dropped below zero.

There is far less surviving colour in the garden last year, I was just looking at pictures from last year, and the autumn flowers lasted right into December, whereas this year there is very little left.


Every year I get one of the tender Cyclamenand plant it for the splash of colour. This year I decided to keep it in a pot as I thought I could make it …

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Saturday in the garden

Posted Sat 09 November 2019 in garden

A first frost this morning, its very calm and sunny, probably more rain tonight though. It has rained every day this month so far.

1. Viola

I got a tray of these earlier and they are still flowering nicely.

Photo 7468

2. Salvia Amethyst lips

This is like S. 'Hot lips' but with a dark purple colour. Its possible that the colour is more stable as there are no all-white flowers on this plant, whereas there are on my 'Hot lips'.

Photo 7476

3. Alstroemeria 'Summer breeze'

This has been great value this year. It has flowered continuously since I got it, and is still going strong.

Photo 7471

4. Cotoneaster leaves and berries

The leaves and berries of this Cotoneaster are almost exactly the same colour. In the background there are the orange berries of the Pyracantha.

Photo 7472

5. Winter jasmine

I cut this back a fair amount, hoping that it would put on some …

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End of October round up

Posted Thu 31 October 2019 in garden

Compare with last year.


The average temperature was 8.3C with a minimum of 0.3C and maximum of 14.4C It rained on 21 days, with a total of 100mm of rain.


Last month was all about the Red admirals, this month there were a few Comma butterflies. One time I saw two at the same time. They were mostly on the Verbena, but also on other flowers such as the Helianthus here.

Photo 7453


This has much larger flower heads than last year. I've moved chunks of this into the front garden where it will get some more sun and may do better.

Photo 7425

Anemone × hybrida 'Honorine Jobert'

This is much taller than the previous two years where the flowers didn't seem to stand up on tall stalks as they are here. It is also starting to spread a bit.

Photo 7428

Helenium 'Mardi gras'

This is a great Helenium that …

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