End of July round up


The average temperature was 17.1C with a minimum of 6.7C and maximum of 29.4C It rained on 18 days, with a total 82mm

Picture round up

I'm late finishing this so just a quick look through some pictures this month.

Campanula medium
I grew these from seed last year, most of them turned out to be blue, but you can also see a pink one at the back. Strangely the blue ones had a very pyramidal shape, whereas the other colours were more like towers. They are an impressive mass of flowers, so I am glad I tried them. Will probably not be growing them again though. Photo 7263

This came with the garden growing at the side where even the weeds won't grow. It didn't flower the first year so I moved it to a sunnier place, where it promptly got swamped by a Sidalcea and didn't flower again. …
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Six on Saturday 20 Jul

Today was very mixed, it rained and then was sunny and then rained again and so on, managed to get these pictures during a sunny spell.

It is now over two years since my very first Six on Saturday. Interestingly the lavender was much more advanced in that year than it is now. I no longer have any Crocosmia.

For more up to date sixes visit our host The propagator for this weeks slices of six around the world.

1. Mallow

I think that this (the pink flower) is the musk mallow Malva moschata. It grows wild around here and I've also seen it for sale.

There has always been the odd plant in the garden, but this year lots of seeds have grown and there is a good display. It was entirely unplanned but I think it looks quite good with the yellow of the Lysimachia punctata

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End of June round up

It was a very wet month with 137mm of rain, which is almost exactly the same as the previous three months combined.

The average temperature was 13.6C (night 11.1C, day 14.6C). And the minimum temperature 5.7, and the max went up to 27.9.

Photos from the month

Some events during the month that have not been previously shown.

This was an amazing show this year, with the whole tree covered in blossom. Last year only part of it was covered. This year the clematis that grows through it has grown tall and fallen down, then grown up again covering a good portion of the Pyracantha.

Photo 7203

Gladiolus communis subsp. byzantinus
This is an early flowering Gladioli variety. Hopefully they will increase over the years, but it has yet to be seen if they will survive. They do further south.

Photo 7232

Photo 7239

This appeared among the Tulips, presumably an imposter in …
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Six on Saturday - 29 June

It was the hottest day of the year so far today peaking at 27C and then starting to cooling down. It wasn't even sunny for much of the day but you could still feel the heat.

Here is today's Six on Saturday

1. Helenium 'El Dorado'

This seems to be one of the earliest Heleniums to flower. It's a great plant with strong thick stems that don't get blown over and lots and lots of flowers.

Photo 7254

2. Campanula 'Sarastro'

This has very large flowers and, this year, a good number of them. Last year there was a second flush too.

You may also notice that I have a bit of a Verbena forest this year.

Photo 7253

3. Campanula medium from seed

I grew these from seed last year. They have the same habit as foxgloves, the first year they are just a flat rosette of leaves, then they tower up and …

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Wild orchids

Here are some wild orchids that I saw along the path on the eastern side of the A19 near the Silverlink shopping center.

The first is a lovely Bee orchid (Ophrys apifera). Although it doesn't look so much like a bee from straight on, I did think that there was a bee in one of the flowers when I first saw it. I searched for bee orchid and the results look just like this.

Photo 20190623_150318096

The next two are similar to the ones in my Garden, and I used to think that this is what they were.

Photo 20190623_153324138

Photo 20190623_153347474

Here is another photo of one of the ones in my garden for comparison. The colour looks a lot different, but I think that is just the camera and lighting conditions (the others were taken with my phone). Its also worth noting that although both of them are now 45cm tall, the …

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Mystery campanula

Close by the Campanula 'Sarastro' there were similar but smaller stems and buds that looked similar to the Campanula.

At first I thought it had spread, but then I noticed that there was a clear gap between the main plant and these new stems. Then I thought perhaps it had seeded, but it is supposed to be sterile.

Anyway the flowers are now out and are so very different it is hard to believe that there is any connection at all. On the other hand I have no other idea about where they have come from. Perhaps they have always been there and not flowered before. It is certainly difficult to notice the leaves as they are entirely hidden by the Solomon's seal and everything else that is in that area.

I've no idea what it is, after looking at some pictures the closest to the star shape of …

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Six on Saturday, 15 June

Its been a wet week with more rain than in the whole of May. In one way this is good as most of my plants don't tolerate dry soil and the previous dry spells this year and last have made me wonder if I've made a mistake.

The temperature has been low too so not much growth either but the flowers that are already out are probably lasting longer, at least where they are not damaged by the rain.

So here is my selection of six things in the garden today.

Here is the link to today's Six on Saturday at The Propagator blog, if you want to join in or just see more gardens around the world.

1. Orchid

This orchid was already in the garden, it may be wild as these kind of orchids grow around here.

This year I was very excited to see that there was …

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Six on Saturday, 1 June

It has rained a fair bit over the week and everything is growing very well all of a sudden. All the gaps that I was thinking would need filling are vanishing!

Not great weather for taking pictures today, but here goes with another Six on Saturday.

1 Monster Lupin

A pack of four Lupins bought from the range last year. The one with the most interesting colours did not survive, I gave one away (which is doing well). The smallest one from last year has come back much larger and has about five flowers at the moment.

But here is the largest one, with an astonishing number of flowers this year. I planted two new ones next to it, which I thought were well spaced, but are really a bit too close given how big it has grown. You can see the blue flower to the left of L.

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