End of May round up

Posted Mon 31 May 2021 in garden

You can compare with last year.

This is Tulip 'Little beauty', I also have 'Little princess' which is similar but more orange.

Photo 1000602

Several Teasel seeded, this is their second year so they will be flowering.

Photo 1000605

These tulips have done very well and are increasing in number. They are called Tulip 'Ballade'.

Photo 1000612

I like Tiarella but they don't do too well, great flowers the first year, and then less so. This latest one is Tiarella 'Iron butterfly' flowering well in its first year...

Photo 1000616

A bluebell, I planted many but I remove any that don't have the drooping habit, so there are not many left.

Photo 1000618

The geums are all flowering, this one is Geum 'Pink pettycoats'.

Photo 1000620

This Polemonium yezonense 'Bressingham Purple' has recovered from its brush with death when it was just about an inch of root and stem.

Photo 1000621

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