Posted Tue 18 April 2017 in garden

I bought an Astilbe on a whim while at Earsdon Plant Center. I don't know why I got it as it had no information about variety or what colour it is going to be.

So it is going to be almost as much of a mystery as the plants that I didn't buy. Fortunately it seems to be a plant that likes a moist soil that doesn't dry out.

Anyway here it is just after planting, I bought it a couple of weeks ago, but just planted today.

Photo 4785

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Posted Tue 18 April 2017 in garden

This is a newer tulip that I planted in the trough container. This is its second year, so it is good to see it back, although it has not multiplied. I must admit to having damaged the bulb by cutting through it with a trowel when trying to remove something else.

Photo 4784

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Posted Sun 09 April 2017 in garden

I thought I had all the dandilions under control, but one appeared out of nowhere it seems. It made a good picture so here it is.

Photo 4745

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Tulips in the trough

Posted Mon 03 April 2017 in garden

I planted a single tulip in a planting trough in 2013, it has travelled with me through a few different addresses since then, and it flowers reliably every year. From the single flower in the first year, there are now five flowers.

Photo 4710

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Sunday in the garden

Posted Sun 02 April 2017 in garden

Last week I got six bags of compost. I have started putting it on top of the soil starting alongside the house. The soil there is very grey almost like cement and what a difference it makes putting the compost down. It is just a thin layer and I just throw it down a roughly smooth it where needed. I'm hoping that as well as making it look better it will gradually improve the soil. At the moment the clay is very dry and hard on the surface.

I transplanted my rosemary into a container. This is a plant I bought the summer before last. Over the previous winter it got very damp and was suffering. When I moved it to a bigger pot last summer it had very few roots. Now is a completely different story, the roots were wrapped around the pot very tightly and although I tried …

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Lily of the valley bush update

Posted Sun 02 April 2017 in garden

This is an update to the post describing the new red leaves on a varegated bush. I speculated that it could be Pieris japonica also known as the lily of the valley bush. I was unsure as they have flowers in the spring too and I didn't see any.

I saw one when out walking, it was quite a large shrub, much larger than mine and it had lots of flowers.

I took another look at mine, and there are indeed flowers which I had missed as they are low down and somewhat hidden. Oh look just noticed that there are some ant crawling over the flowers!

Photo 4667

Photo 4668

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Kerria japonica flower

Posted Sun 02 April 2017 in garden

The shrub I previously thought was a dogwood has its first flower. It is really rather lovely. From the flower it is much more likely to be a Kerria japonica and probably the variety 'Pleniflora'. The tree is covered in buds so this is going to be quite a show.

Photo 4699

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