March round up

Posted Fri 31 March 2017 in garden

The main event of the month was the daffodils which are still in flower. Crocuses had some flowers, but were a disappointment and the muscari were starting to fully flower as the month closed. Other things continued to grow, and there were a couple of new appearances yet to be identified.


The first daffodil flower opened on the 13th, and they remained throughout the rest of the month. There is a main patch which is doing well, and some isolated ones in different parts of the garden.

Photo 4703

Some mini daffodils with complex double (or treble or more!) flowers beneath the hazel put up three flowers, which is not many given the number of plants there.

Photo 4502


My own crocuses that I had in a container flowered well, but the ones in the garden were a disappointment as there was only three or four flowers. First crocus out on the …

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Basil seedlings

Posted Fri 31 March 2017 in house

I've tried growing basil a few times, its never been particularly successful. Here we are at about 11 days, and there are a couple of seedlings up.

Nothing much to distinguish these seedlings, small round leaves.

Photo 4659

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Petunia seedlings

Posted Fri 31 March 2017 in house

First petunia seedlings, this is about day 11. There is very little that is distinctive about these seedlings, very small rounded leaves.

Photo 4658

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Lily of the valley shoots

Posted Thu 30 March 2017 in garden

There are a lot of shoots appearing in various places. At first I thought they were from the Vinca, because I first saw them in that area. However they are now appearing all around the garden. Today I decided that they may be Lily of the valley and another search has turned up a picture on Marks veg plot (about half way down that page) which pretty much confirms it for me.

A close up:

Photo 4648

A large patch of them:

Photo 4649

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Bush growing bright red leaves

Posted Wed 29 March 2017 in garden

One of the shrubs that I do not know the name of has some bright red new growth. Probably leaves, but could be flowers. Searching around it could be a lily of the valley bush or Pieris or it might not be. If it is, then the red growth will be leaves and it will have probably white flowers, that somewhat resemble those of lily of the valley. So we will see how it develops...

Photo 4639

Photo 4640

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Lobelia have sprouted

Posted Tue 28 March 2017 in house

These are the tiniest seeds, there are two and a half thousand in the packet or so it says, I'm not counting. The seedlings are tiny too of course, apart from that they are not very distinctive, just two oval leaves.

Photo 4630

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Chilli has sprouted

Posted Sun 26 March 2017 in house

The first chilli seed has sprouted. So I've moved the pot from the airing cupboard into the light. It was a very sunny day today, so a good day for it.

Not a brilliant picture, but the first one before the leaves are even upright fully. The leaves are originally folded down and then unfold upwards.

Photo 4618

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