Chilli pepper kit

Posted Mon 20 March 2017 in house

I am going to grow some chilli plants from a kit I received at Christmas.

There were only four seeds, there was supposed to be five. It has to be kept very warm until the seeds germinate, so I have put it in the airing cupboard. Once the seeds germinate, then I will have to find a sunny windowsill for the plant!

Photo 4540

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Clematis buds

Posted Sun 19 March 2017 in garden

So the clematis down the side of the house must be an early flowering one as it has got buds along with its first leaves. Good job I didn't cut it back too much!

Clematis with flower buds Photo 4501

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Bluebell update

Posted Sun 19 March 2017 in garden

I really wanted to have some english bluebells. Even before I moved here, I bought a packet of 5 bulbs which I planted the day I first got the keys, before I actually moved in. I also planted 30 bulbs along with the tulips and muscari bulbs that I planted in early-mid January.

Until now I thought that none of them were going to come up, but today I was excited to see a new shoot pictured below. It looks distinctly different to the others. I believe that although both muscari and bluebells have a V-shaped leaf on the inside, the muscari leaf is rounded on the outside, but the bluebell leaf is also V-shaped on the outside too.

No doubt it will become a lot clearer later, and I hope I haven't written this too soon!

Photo 4508

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Muscari update

Posted Sun 19 March 2017 in garden

I planted many Muscari bulbs earlier in the year and many of them have sprouted, and more are still appearing.

However I know now that there were already patches of muscari already present in the garden. There was a large clump in the back border and single ones along the edges of the back and right borders. They had leaves even when I moved in and it was one of the things that I thought they could be, and now they are starting to flower.

So the ones I planted are somewhat unnecessary, however the existing ones look as if they are all going to be same shade of blue whereas the ones I bought are supposed to be several shades. We will see.

First picture is the single ones along the border. You can see the foreground flower that is just about to open, and another in the background. …

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Flower on shrub

Posted Sun 19 March 2017 in garden

The shrub near the back door is beginning to flower with lovely yellow four petalled flowers growing directly off the old twigs. I am guessing that it is a Forsythia. From reading about them, I seems like it is a fast growing bush and so it is not in a very good location as there is not a lot of room for it. I already cut it back a bit as it was overhanging the path, now I know that it flowers in spring I wish I had waited until after the flowers had finished.

Photo 4500

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The large leaf vinca with a flower

Posted Fri 17 March 2017 in garden

A single flower from the other periwinkle or vinca. I've been looking at plants in the garden centers and one with leaves of a similar size to this are labeled as Vinca major. So this one could be Vinca major and the other with the much smaller leaves be a Vina minor. I thought that the V. major had hairs around the leaf margin, but maybe that is not necessary.

Photo 4471

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First daffodil flower

Posted Mon 13 March 2017 in garden

First daffodil to flower. May have been a day or so ago as I was away for a couple of days.

I was over in Shropshire, where the daffodils are out almost everywhere, far more advanced than here.

Photo 4455

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