Saturday in the garden

Posted Sat 09 November 2019 in garden

A first frost this morning, its very calm and sunny, probably more rain tonight though. It has rained every day this month so far.

1. Viola

I got a tray of these earlier and they are still flowering nicely.

Photo 7468

2. Salvia Amethyst lips

This is like S. 'Hot lips' but with a dark purple colour. Its possible that the colour is more stable as there are no all-white flowers on this plant, whereas there are on my 'Hot lips'.

Photo 7476

3. Alstroemeria 'Summer breeze'

This has been great value this year. It has flowered continuously since I got it, and is still going strong.

Photo 7471

4. Cotoneaster leaves and berries

The leaves and berries of this Cotoneaster are almost exactly the same colour. In the background there are the orange berries of the Pyracantha.

Photo 7472

5. Winter jasmine

I cut this back a fair amount, hoping that it would put on some new growth, but that doesn't seem to have happened much and there is just a small patch of this left. There are a reasonable number of flowers on it and it is good to have a little bit of colour at this time of the year.

Photo 7470

6. Lobelia - self seeded

Saw these and thought they were Lobelia which they indeed turned out to be. They are lasting better than most of the ones that I bought.

Photo 7473

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