End of January round up

Posted Sun 31 January 2021 in garden

Weather for January 2021

The average temperature was 2.2C with a minimum of -5.6C and maximum of 9.2C. Last year the average was 5.6C, so it was cooler than last year. There was 149mm of rain, whereas last year there was 32mm.

There were 17 days (last year just 3 days) when the temperature dropped below zero. There was even one day when the temperature never rose above zero.

There was snow on the ground on the 2nd the 14th and the 21st which wasn't ever very deep but lasted a few days.

You can compare with January last year.


Not much going on of course. Daffodils are showing but only one bud visible. The new Daffodils I planted optimistically named 'January' have not flowered and do not appear anywhere near flowering.

Winter Aconite (Eranthis hyemalis)

They have survived in the main part of the garden, whereas they didn't beneath The Tree.

Photo 1000416

Anemone blanda

This is exceptionally early to have a flower that is almost out.

Photo 1000419

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