End of January round up

Posted Fri 31 January 2020 in garden

Compare with last year.


The average temperature was 5.6C with a minimum of -2.3C and maximum of 12.8C, and there were 3 frost days when the temperature dropped below zero. So overall it was warmer than November and December. It rained on 17 days, with a total of 32mm of rain, so quite dry.

Last year it was much colder with an average temperature of 3.8C.


There is not a lot of difference to the end of December although of course the Primroses, Hellebores and Cyclamen coum are more advanced.

The white Hellebore is doing very well this year:

Photo 7517

The new red one is flowering quite well but is much smaller:

Photo 7518

I can't say the snowdrops are thriving, be interesting to see how many there are this year. Some are just starting to flower: Photo 7520

New shoots

There are lots of tulips, daffodils and crocus beginning to show. There daffodils in the back garden closest to the house haven't reappeared so far. Lots of the newly planted ones in the front garden are showing.

This Echinops rito has several shoots, much more than last year when it was a single stem.

Photo 7532

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