End of November round up

Compare with last year.

Weather for November 2020

The average temperature was 7.8C with a minimum of -3.3C and maximum of 15.4C. Last year the average was 5.6C, so it was warmer than last year. There was 19mm of rain, whereas last year there was 140mm, so much drier.

There were 3 days when the temperature dropped below zero. Last year there were 7 days.

Flowering during the month

Helleborus × hybridus 'Christmas spirit'
Flowering well before Christmas this year.

Photo 1000371

Salvia 'Amistad'
This was new this year and not all that big when I got it, the rate of growth is amazing.

Photo 1000374

Echinops rito
It's November! These Echinops are a bit late...

Photo 1000375

Verbascum × hybridum 'Banana custard'
A strange plant, it has been flowering for a while now and the flowers seem to appear here and there over the length of the flowering stem. This is probably the best it has been.

Photo 1000378

Cyclamen and Persicaria
A couple of plants that are still flowering this late in the year.

Photo 1000379

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