End of December round up

Compare with last year.

Weather for December 2020

The average temperature was 4.3C with a minimum of -2.9C and maximum of 12.0C. Last year the average was 4.7C, so it was about the same as last year. There was 73mm of rain, whereas last year there was 28mm.

There were 6 days, when the temperature dropped below zero. Last year there were 9 days.

Flowering during the month


The tender Cyclamen that survived last winter has flowered again but not the great mass of flowers it had last year.

Photo 1000388

The Cyclamen coum are starting to flower.

Photo 1000396_1


The first one - Helleborus niger 'Mont blanc' - is already flowering.

Photo 1000390

The second - Helleborus × hybridus 'Christmas spirit' - is sending up buds before the leaves develop.

Photo 1000391

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