Six on Saturday 16 March

Early this morning there was a small amount of snow in the ground but it was raining and the gravel area was flooded and even part of the left border was under water. A cyclamen was looking a bit like a water lily.

Later the sun came out and the water drained away, so I managed to take 8 pictures. Two of them were blurred leaving six which was a piece of luck since that is exactly the right number to play Six on Saturday...

1 Puschkinia scilloides var. libanotica

This is my first Puschkinia flower, I've not grown them before or even even seen one for real as far as I remember.

I planted 20 of these, but this is the only one I've found so far. The leaves look very much like Muscari leaves so I may have been overlooking them.

Photo 6999

2 Euphorbia

This used to be at the front of the border, but it has now re-located itself towards the back near the fence. It looks a lot better there, but I am still not that fond of it, there are better Euphorbias.

I'm surprised that the picture is not more blurred as the flowers are being blown to the left by the wind in the photo.

Photo 7000

3 Mystery new plants/weeds

These are growing in various places mostly in the areas that were reclaimed from the lawn last year. They are all in little clumps like this and it is possible that this is just one plant.

After looking at this close up I have even less idea what they are than I had before.

Photo 7001

4 Geranium pratense 'Hocus pocus'

I'm glad to see this as it died back very early last year and I did wonder if it had suffered too much in the hot dry spell.

Photo 7002

5 Ligularia przewalskii

This is another plant that didn't really get going last year. First the leaves wilted and I dug it up and replanted it. It recovered a bit, but never looked happy and it didn't flower.

So it has survived and we shall see how it does this year.

Photo 7003

6 Crocus

The yellow Crocuses in this container have flowered and gone, they are now replaced by these purple ones.

I have Crocuses in the ground that never seem to last that long before being flattened by wind or rain. I didn't plant any last autumn, but I think I will this year and put them among the daffodils and tulips where they seem to work well looking at other peoples.

Photo 7004

That's it for another week, to see more gardens in six bite sized portions head on over to this weeks entries at the blog of The Propagator.

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