Six on Saturday 16 Feb

Posted Sat 16 February 2019 in garden

A warm week especially from Tuesday onward. The nights have also been warm and there was only a slight ground frost on one day.

There was also a lot of sun, but the garden is still in a lot of shade and it takes a long time for things to wake up. Still there are signs of flower buds on the Anemone blanda and I have the odd crocus out, but I am behind gardens further south or indeed ones quite nearby!

Anyway here are six things I noticed today.

1 Ligularia shoot

This is from a Ligularia from last year, it has more than one shoot visible. It was sold as L. wilsoniana but it looks more similar to L. × palmatiloba to me.

Photo 6956

2 Lupin

This is putting on a lot of new growth, so I tidied it up a bit. It is just an ordinary purplish one, but I now have a red one and a blue/white one to go with it for this year.

Photo 6957

3 Sanguisorba officinalis 'Tanna'

A few tiny red shoots of this Sanguisorba, now on its third year.

Photo 6958

4 Lysimachia

I don't recall having featured this in a SoS last year, it has white flowers and it was a bit crowded by other things. Anyway here it is returning, with fairly typical Lysimachia shoots.

Photo 6959

5 My largest snowdrop clump

The snowdrops have not bulked up much if at all and they may in fact be disappearing. Anyway this is the largest clump I have, the rest are in twos or threes. They are all on the shady side of the garden. I had some on the other side, but they did not flower last year and so far they have not this year either.

Photo 6960

6 Pulmonaria buds

This plant looks just like it did all winter but then I suddenly saw that it had several clusters of buds.

Photo 6961

That's it for another week, to see more gardens in six bite sized portions head on over to the Propagator blog.

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