HPS seeds arrived

Posted Sun 27 January 2019 in garden

My HPS seed order arrived this week. I have just compared them to the ones ordered and I received 7 out of the 11 ordered. The ones I didn't get were:

  • Veronicastrum virginicum ex 'Lavendelturm'
  • Veronica spicata
  • Verbena rigida
  • Semiaquilegia ecalcarata

So that is four less problems I shall have in trying to find some space somewhere.

The packets all have a fair number of seeds in them, far more than I will need, so I can try sowing under different conditions and times. I'm aiming for getting more than one to germinate this year.

Here is the updated list.

N Number Name
1 1911 Veronicastrum virginicum ex 'Lavendelturm'
2 1908 Veronica spicata
3 1907 Veronica longifolia ex 'Marietta'
4 1901 Verbena rigida
5 1893 Verbascum phoeniceum ex 'Violetta'
6 1697 Semiaquilegia ecalcarata
7 1698 Senecio polyodon
8 1651 Salvia × superba
9 1654 Sanguisorba armena
10 1632 Salvia microphylla ex 'Cerro Potosí'
11 1533 Primula japonica

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