End of February round up

Posted Thu 28 February 2019 in garden

Compare with last years round up.

The month started with snow and ended with a warm spell with temperatures between 13 and 14C.


Cyclamen in the snow. At the beginning of the month there was a short period of snow. Here is a Cyclamen flower rising above its cover of snow.

Photo 6926

February is the time for snowdrops. The ones at the back left, under the cotoneasters are doing OK, but I think overall there is not as many as there were last year.

I consider that a clump needs at least ten flowers and we are not there yet.

The ones on the other side of the garden have not flowered yet again.

Photo 6952

The Helleborus was a mass of flowers. This is the most expensive plant I have! Hope this one survives until next year. If you compare with last years it is a much bigger plant with many more flowers.

Photo 6968

The Muscari are gradually starting to make an appearance, these are in a container.

Photo 6970

During the warm spell there were so many Ladybirds! I hope that they will be OK, there are bound to be a few frosty days before summer.

Photo 6971

Crocuses. The crocuses down the side of the house have flowered, but I find that they don't last very long here. The wind/rain or perhaps the birds flatten them quickly. This was taken when they were at their best.

Photo 6977

The Pulmonaria 'Trevi fountain' is beginning to flower. It grew well last year and is reasonably large now.

Photo 6985

This is my first daffodil. For some reason, this one by the fence flowers way earlier than any of the others. Well not the first year I was here, but last year and this.

It opened on the 26 Feb this year; almost a full month before it opened last year on the 23rd March.

Photo 6986

New plants

I bought some plants by mail order see the post I wrote about that.

I also bought a couple of Primroses and a lupin (Lupinus 'My castle' (brick red)).

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