Sudden death of an Actaea

Posted Sat 23 June 2018 in garden

My Actaea pachypoda 'misty blue' was seemingly doing fine, when I got it the leaves were hardly open but they quickly grew and there were three flowers. Then recently one small leaf wilted, I immediately watered it well of course, but rapidly more and more leaves fell and eventually the whole plant seemed to be gone.

There seemed to be nothing to lose, so I dug it up to see what might be going on. The roots were all moist but very congested, I tried to break them apart the best I could before replanting it. The roots were very tough so this was not easy.

I will leave it for a while to see if there is any new growth but I am not hopeful.

Its not easy to see in the photo as the dead leaves blend into the soil, the bulk of the dead leaves are slumped in the bottom left hand corner.

Photo 6470

Posted by Steve

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