What a difference a week makes

Posted Sat 02 June 2018 in garden

I was away for the week and on arriving back I was surprised at all the changes.

The foxgloves by the side of the house were just rosettes last year but this year they all are growing flower stalks. Before I went away I thought this was going to be yellow or cream, but turns out it is completely white with a small amount of darker markings inside. Photo 6409
Geranium 'Versicolour'
A couple of flowers opened on this new geranium. It is not quite what I was expecting, thought it would be paler with more distinct markings. Photo 6414
The orchids are almost fully out. I will do a separate post on them later. Photo 6415
Osteospermum 'Lady Leitrim'
This is one of the new plants, it had buds when it arrived but it opened out today. It seems it only opens when sunny or warm enough. Photo 6416
This is my favourite Geranium, shame it only has one flush of flowers. I don't know for certain what it is, but I am guessing it is Geranium × magnificum Photo 6418
Veronica austriaca 'Venice blue'
This is quite a short plant and it is being smothered by the Sidalcea. Was only in bud when I went away. Photo 6419
Gernaium 'Hocus pocus'
This was a new geranium, bought mainly for its leaves. There was a mass of flowers when I got back. Photo 6421
This lupin had a bud before I left, but it was slender and not that tall. Suddenly it turned into this massive flower spike. Photo 6424
Primula vialii
Buds have suddenly appeared, there are about 4, with two being visible here. They start out bright red. Photo 6426

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