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The two orchids have returned this year. Last year the one by the back door had a short flower head and looked distinctly different to other one, but this year the back door one is much taller and perhaps more impressive than the one beneath The Tree.

This orchid grows wild in the area, so I am assuming that it wild and not deliberately planted but obviously I don't know for sure. The one at the back door is right next to the paving which would not be somewhere that I would plant anything.

I spent a long time last year trying to decide if they were Northern Mash Orchids, or Southern Mash Orchids. It looks a bit more like the SMO, but on the other hand this is too far North for it. Also the SMO is supposed to be a taller than these are. They are so variable and can hybridise with each other and other orchids that I doubt that it is possible to be certain of any identification.

So best to just enjoy.

The one by the back door. This year this is the more impressive flower in my opinion.

Photo 6440

The one beneath The Tree, the old seed cases are still present and can be seen at the bottom left.

Photo 6441

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