Snow postscript

The snow was around 4 to 5 inches at its peak and it lasted for almost a full week as the final bits of snow rapidly melted on Monday.

So it wasn't as bad here as some other places. The lowest forecast temperature was -5C but as I don't have an outdoor thermometer I don't know the actual achieved temperatures in the garden.

Most things seem to have picked themselves up. The evergreen Salvias have suffered some leaf die back but I think they will be OK, we will have to wait and see.

A Polemonium that was getting leaves before is no longer visible, so something has happened there.

All in all, not too bad though, hope that was the worst of the winter behind us now!

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Snowy Six on Saturday

Late on Monday night it started to snow, it was eerie how light it appeared to be, as though it was still twilight. The snow peaked on Thursday when it was a complete cover of 10-13cm across the garden.

Today it has settled and there are signs of it starting to melt. However almost all the flowers are still buried, including all the snowdrops.

So it will have to be six things covered in snow this Saturday. I get to pretend that there is something wonderful beneath the snow and you can pretend to be impressed (optional).

1 Primrose

There is a bit less snow down the side of the house and this primrose is now partially visible.

Photo 6057

2 More primroses

These ones are still covered and you can just make out where they are.

Also covered, there is a line of stones between the soil and the gravel. Its …

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End of February round up

A mixed month with a few warm days and some very cold days. It seems to have been less wet than last year overall. I've been preparing to plant up later by removing shrubs that I don't like and all the self-seeded cotoneasters in the back corners. The Pyracantha has had a bit of a trim as have the Cotoneasters in the other corner.


What's been in flower during Feburary with some pictures, most of which have appeared in earlier blogs.

Cyclamen - new this year

Photo 6012

Winter aconite bought in flower this year.

winter aconite

The Snowdrops were planted last year, and the primrose is new this year. I'm quite pleased with the snowdrops as there are a few small clumps dotted around which will hopefully expand in future years.

primrose and snowdrops



Of course the Winter Jasmine is still in flower too.


There are shoots from the following: Allium, Anemone, Bluebell, Brunnera …

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Missing muscari mystery

Last year I planted a whole bag of Muscari all around the garden. They grew fine and flowered. There was also an existing clump of Muscari which after dying back after flowering, came back with new leaves in August and September.

But only one of the ones that I planted did the same. So what happened to the rest?

Well it turns out that they are now starting to come up - here is one in a container.

Photo 6043

So it seems that they do not always put up leaves in the autumn. One web page I saw state that this only happens for ones that have been growing for over a year.

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Penlan Perennials order

The plan for this year is to buy a good number of plants early in the year to allow them to get established and hopefully give a reasonable display by the end of the summer.

I am trying out mail order for the first time and in order to get a couple of plants that I really wanted I'm splitting the order across a couple of different nurseries.

This order was with Penlan Perennials and is built around Ligularia przewalskii. In other words I found somewhere that had that plant and then found other plants that looked good. This was a second choice as the first one had sold out.

I put in the order online on Monday night, and it arrived before midday on the Wednesday. They used APC to deliver, the deliver company sent an email with two hour time slot when it would arrive, and it turned …

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Eryngium new growth

The Eryngium is growing away well. This was a pre-existing plant so not sure of variety but I believe it is an E. planum. It is still quite small, the old flowering stalks are still present for reference.

Photo 6026

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Six on Saturday - 17th Feb

A fair amount of sun today and quite warm. It snowed all morning on Tuesday, but it melted quickly. I saw the first Dandelion flower this week too on Thursday, but not in the garden...

So now on to another six on saturday.

1 The woodland area

So its a tiny area with a deciduous Cotoneaster as the only 'tree', but in my imagination it is going to be covered in snowdrops, crocuses, bluebells and other spring flowers.

However the resident blackbird seems not to share this vision. There must be a lot to eat here as he spends most of the day grabbing the leaves and throwing them far and wide. Sometimes he grabs a young plant along with the leaves and yanks it out of the ground.

I've been collecting the uplifted bulbs and re-planting them on the other side of the garden.

Photo 6025

2 Winter aconites

A closer …

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Seed surprise

I joined the Hardy plant society recently and was surprised to receive a selection of seeds that presumably had been left over from the yearly seed distribution. Here they are mainly for my own reference:

Triteleia laxa
I'd not heard of these before but they appear to be only marginally hardy and need protecting from winter wet, so they may not do too well here.
Salvia stachydifolia
This looks like a fairly tall Salvia. Says to wait until spring to sow.
Hosta ex 'George Smith' (sieboldiana)
I've not so far had any desire to have any Hostas, but I suppose now I shall have some anyway. Well if they survive the slugs. Sow in spring.
Potentilla delphinensis
A yellow flowered Potentilla. The existing Potentillas are not doing very well, so we shall see how this does.
Papaver atlanticum ex 'Flore Pleno'
Orange semi-double flowers, look lovely, looking forward to this …
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