Six on Saturday 28th April

It's near the end of the month, but looking back at last years photos it is more similar to the beginning. Not included in this weeks six is the Kerria which is just starting to flower, just like it was in the first days of April last year.

1. Anemone blanda

I planted a number of these last autumn and they have done well in the area at the side of the house. I finally got a photo that wasn't too blurred. The leaves in the foreground are something else, the top left leaves belong to it.

Photo 6245

2. Pieris japonica

The bright red new shoots that are so distinctive of this plant are finally showing. Again this is about four weeks behind where it was last year. There was a set of flowers last year, but this year there is no sign of any, so it is not doing that …

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Three Tulips, two Primula and Muscari

A sunny warm day today. Tulips have opened across the whole of Six on Saturday land.

I wanted to include an Ipheion as being a little more unusual but the picture didn't turn out well, so if you wish take a look at it when it opened.

That means an extra Tulip picture, I'm afraid.


I planted a single bulb in this planter in 2013 and it has moved with me 3 times, and now they are nine. So this is a special Tulip for me.

Photo 6234

Tulips (open)

This is a group of this year's Tulips, "Orange brilliant" and "Cape Cod". Now Cape Cod is supposed to be red with wide yellow borders to the petals and that is how they were pictured on the packet and how they look if you search for them. But mine are almost completely yellow and the red is pretty faint.

Photo 6232

Tulips (closed …

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Tulips in the trough

I planted a single tulip in 2013 in a container that I have kept with me since then, and it has come back every year with more flowers. There are now nine flowers this year.

Photo 6221

Of the batch of bulbs that I planted at the time, this was one of the palest, other ones had more red. Maybe they are getting a bit crowded now, so perhaps next winter I will split them up.

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Chionodoxa flowers are out

The Chionodoxa are now finally out.

Photo 6206

The flowers are flopping about a lot which somewhat spoils the effect, but like the Ipheion a pretty spring flower.

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Ipheion flowered

I wasn't expecting much from these. The leaves have been up for quite a while and are thin strappy leaves that are mostly lying on the ground.

Recently, impossibly thin flower stalks have risen up with an almost equally thin flower bud at the top.

And yet it opened out into this most delightful flower today.

Photo 6205

The variety is "Charlotte bishop", and being pink it makes a change to all the blue spring flowers that I have at the moment. It is the only one at the moment, but more are on the way.

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Sunday in the garden

After a week or more of rain and dull misty weather it finally turned sunny later yesterday and for most of the day today. More rain this evening expected and then a dry spell.

It is probably still a bit wet to do anything so I just spent time looking at the new growth and took some pictures.

The tulip that was featured on yesterdays Six on Saturday keeled over during the night and here you can see it bent over the foxglove with a piece of leaf torn off and lying near the base of the stem. I've no idea what is going on here.

Photo 6193

I can never get enough of the primroses so here is another picture.

Photo 6194

The Chionodoxa appeared very quickly and are now on the point of flowering. Buds here are starting to open.

Photo 6195

Here is a bud rising from the center of one of the …

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Six on Apr 14th

Well that was a very wet week, and when it wasn't wet is was dark and even misty. The ground is saturated. Today wasn't that great and I wasn't going to do a SoS, but then the sun came out and I grabbed a few pictures.

Tulip "Cape cod"

This is a stripy leaved tulip. It isn't fully out really but I only have the one other tulip that is fully out which was shown last week

I am finding that the stripy leaved tulips are having their leaves eaten by something or other. Whereas the plain leaved ones are looking better.

Photo 6175

Tiarella with flower buds

All the Tiarellas are bursting into life with some new growth, but this one also has a healthy number of flower stalks, which I am looking forward to opening out. I have four, this one is T. "Sugar and spice" and I reckon it …

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Six on Saturday 7th April

The Saturday rain curse struck again, but I took some pictures this morning just before it started for another Six on Saturday.

1 Tulip "Orange brilliant"

My first, and so far only tulip of the year. Very striking and clearly visible from the house.

Photo 6163

2 Geum "Totally tangerine"

This has been putting out flower buds since January, but none have actually opened until now.

Photo 6166

3 Primrose

This hasn't grown as well as some of the others, but it now seems more settled and is rather pretty.

Photo 6167

4 Mini Daffodils

These small daffodils came with the garden. I don't know what kind they are, but they look like "Rip van Winkle". To be honest I prefer the regular daffodil flower.

Photo 6169

5 Brunnera "Looking glass"

This is my new Brunnera, which has silvery leaves. The first leaf, while still small is now big enough to see what it is going to look …

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