Polemonium shoots

Last year I got a cheap scruffy looking Polemonium caeruleum "Brise D'Anjou" (second picture). Here are some new shoots I first saw today. The shoots are remarkable perfect minuture versions of the adult leaves, and the varegated nature can already be seen.

Suprised to see it so soon especially after the cold and snow recently.

Photo 5951

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There are two orchids growing in the garden. I left the old stalk on each of them and each of them already has a shoot appearing right next to the old stalk. I didn't notice them this early last year.

So far there is still the one shoot per plant, I was hoping there would be two each this year but no such luck so far anyway. They do not flower until May/June.

The first is right at the edge of the path by the back door.

Photo 5945

The second is under The Tree.

Photo 5950

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De Ree Lupins and Echinaceas

I couldn't resist getting three packets of perennials for £5.

They are crowns of plants in loose dry compost in a plastic bag. Last year I bought some delphiniums in similar packaging and by the time I came to plant them, they were almost completely indistinguishable from the compost. I planted them without much hope and indeed they did not grow.

By gently tipping the bags to and fro I made sure that there were some signs of life in the ones I picked. This post is about the Lupins and Echinaceas. The other packet was a Canna, which I will write about when I decide what to do with it.

Photo 5943


There were supposed to be four and that's how many there were, all had plenty of growth. Perhaps too much for this early in the year. One had a very large root, there were two medium sized ones …

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Six on Jan 20th

There was snow this week and the lawn is still covered although it has melted somewhat around the borders. Today was sunny and as there was very little wind did not feel cold at all. Next week a mini heatwave is forecast of up to 11C.

The most exciting thing for me is to see the shoots returning of things that I planted last year; currently I have the first Tulips, lots of crocuses and plenty of snowdrops. That may not be so interesting to anyone else reading this, so I have mostly avoided new shoots in this weeks Six On Saturday as hosted by The propagator blog.

1 Primroses

I accidentally planted three primroses in a straight line instead of the triangular clump I was aiming for, so I had to get an orange one to make the group a bit more interesting and it was planted today.

Photo 5923

2 …

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Tiarella, Tiarella, Tiarella

I got four Tiarella plants of three different varieties, two of the variety "Spring symphony", and one each of "Pink skyrocket" and "Sugar and Spice".

Two are already planted, first the Pink skyrocket is next to the Brunnera.

Photo 5912

and second, one of the Spring symphony. It is blending into the background with those very brown leaves.

Photo 5913

I kept finding bulbs when looking for somewhere to plant, so I am going to wait a bit before planting the other two and see where there is a good space.

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Bought and planted some primrose over the weekend.

The first two are outside the back door.

Photo 5911

The second three are in the right border near the Lobelia. I didn't mean to plant them all in a line, I may have to get another one to complete the group...

Photo 5914

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Snowdrops appearing

Last year I bought and planted some snowdrops in early March after it was clear that there were not any already present. I was also given quite a few bulbs which I planted in various places and then promptly forgot exactly where.

This year I didn't see any appearing so just in case I bought some along with some Primula and Tiarella. Here are the ones I just planted.

Photo 5905

I was particularly worried that the ones that I'd planted last year were not going to re-appear, but I do believe that they are starting to grow. They are very small, a little below the center of the picture.

Photo 5908

There are more more all around the left border area, the ones in the first picture are almost in flower.

Photo 5902

Photo 5906

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Six on the 6th

I wasn't sure if I would have anything for today, but I took some photos and there happens to be six that are reasonably in focus so here goes.

1 Foxgloves

There were many of these by the side of the house last year. I am assuming that they are foxgloves and that they be will be flowering this year.

Photo 5885

2 Sedum

I thought this looked rather colourful.

Photo 5887

3 Sidalcea

To my great surprise some of the buds have opened out somewhat. During the cold spell, the flower spike drooped, but it is now straightened up again.

Photo 5890

4 Euphorbia

I don't much like this, but it is preparing to flower so will provide a bit of colour soon. By colour I mean green.

Photo 5892

5 Lobelia

Both my hardy Lobelias are putting up new growth already. Here is the Starship scarlet.

Photo 5893

6 What's this?

It looks like a Californian poppy to …

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