Eryngium new growth

The Eryngium is growing away well. This was a pre-existing plant so not sure of variety but I believe it is an E. planum. It is still quite small, the old flowering stalks are still present for reference.

Photo 6026

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Six on Saturday - 17th Feb

A fair amount of sun today and quite warm. It snowed all morning on Tuesday, but it melted quickly. I saw the first Dandelion flower this week too on Thursday, but not in the garden...

So now on to another six on saturday.

1 The woodland area

So its a tiny area with a deciduous Cotoneaster as the only 'tree', but in my imagination it is going to be covered in snowdrops, crocuses, bluebells and other spring flowers.

However the resident blackbird seems not to share this vision. There must be a lot to eat here as he spends most of the day grabbing the leaves and throwing them far and wide. Sometimes he grabs a young plant along with the leaves and yanks it out of the ground.

I've been collecting the uplifted bulbs and re-planting them on the other side of the garden.

Photo 6025

2 Winter aconites

A closer …

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Seed surprise

I joined the Hardy plant society recently and was surprised to receive a selection of seeds that presumably had been left over from the yearly seed distribution. Here they are mainly for my own reference:

Triteleia laxa
I'd not heard of these before but they appear to be only marginally hardy and need protecting from winter wet, so they may not do too well here.
Salvia stachydifolia
This looks like a fairly tall Salvia. Says to wait until spring to sow.
Hosta ex 'George Smith' (sieboldiana)
I've not so far had any desire to have any Hostas, but I suppose now I shall have some anyway. Well if they survive the slugs. Sow in spring.
Potentilla delphinensis
A yellow flowered Potentilla. The existing Potentillas are not doing very well, so we shall see how this does.
Papaver atlanticum ex 'Flore Pleno'
Orange semi-double flowers, look lovely, looking forward to this …
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Saturday six - Feb 10th

It snowed on Tuesday, but it mostly melted before the end of the day. Today is fairly warm and it got out sunny. I was expecting it to be a complete washout like last week, but was able to go out and take some pictures in reasonable light.

1 Hellebore

I've never got the attraction of the Hellebore, so I thought I should get one to see what the fuss is all about. Even thought the garden center has a vast range, none really appealed. Finally settled on this one that was unwanted and on sale, its flowers nicely raised, calling out to be bought.

Photo 6007

2 Corkscrew hazel flower

These tiny little flowers are appearing at a similar time to last year.

Photo 6011

3 Rudbeckia leaves

I joined the Hardy plant society and received the current journal. It contains a fascinating article about root systems by Noel Kingsbury. One of the …

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First anenome

This are the first leaves of the already existing patch of Anenemes (probably A. blanda). I don't have any such early pictures of this last year, the first picture was on 13th March when it started to flower.

I have planted more A. blanda elsewhere in the garden although I've forgotten exactly where. I should be able to recognise them now.

Photo 5986

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Bluebell shoots

After last years bluebell disappointment, I am hoping that this year the new ones I planted will turn out to be actual English bluebells. Here are the first shoots I noticed this year, still a couple of months until flowering.

These are under the forsythia at the side of the house.

Photo 5984

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January round up

January started with some severe frosts and snow. Long periods where the night time temperature dropped below 0C. After the snow the temperatures soared to heights that are average for May, and when the wind calmed down and the sun came out it did feel like a spring day. Temperatures then fell back to those more typical for winter but still above freezing.

Finally there is some sun returning to the garden. At the start of the month the garden is in shade all day, but at the end the back and right borders are now getting a certain amount of sunshine when it is available.


There were flowers on the blue Primrose that was already here as well as the Winter Jasmine.

I bought a few things that were in flower already to add to the display, including a few primroses, I am particularly liking this yellow one …

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Six things, Saturday 27th

After a thick layer of snow last Sunday, the weather warmed up to Spring-like temperatures. When it was calm and the sun was out, it was very pleasant indeed. Warm but a bit breezy today for this weeks Six on Saturday.

1 Primroses

These two sit just outside the back door so they are a delightful patch of colour close to the house. There are a few bulbs nearby so I am looking forward to an interesting Spring.

Photo 5955

2 Snowdrops

This is the first one to open. Well it is almost open anyway.

Photo 5957

3 Polemonium shoots

A couple of days ago I noticed that the Polemonium that I got as a bargain at the tail end of last year had survived and was growing new leaves. I was glad because it would not have been a bargain if it hadn't survived.

So I took a closer look at my other …

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