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Upgrade to Fedora 15 on Acer 3810T laptop

23 Jul

At one time I would upgrade very soon after a new release came out. These days there is rarely any must-have new features, so I have been leaving upgrades later and later. This time, so much so that I have completely skipped F14 and gone straight to F15.

A number of things have changed and the following notes may be useful.

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New blogs

18 May

This site has always been just a static site with pages written in a wiki-like plain text format and then converted to html using python programs and a bunch of xslt scripts.

Well I was fairly tired of all that, so I've written siteblog which is a simple java based system for publishing posts in a blog like way.

As a result there is now an rss/atom feed for the site, or you can subscribe to individual site feeds.

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