Vine weevil attack

One of my Primulas had a few dead leaves so I was idly pulling them off the plant when the whole plant came away from the ground. Dug up the soil and there were lots of vine weevils.

There were not many roots left, but I've replanted it so we shall see how it does.

Photo 6819

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Actaea flower

This is the first flower from my other Actaea. It is Actaea simplex 'Brunette' (Atropurpurea Group). Unfortunately the plant is not doing well in this location. I believe that it is sensitive to the wind whipping around the side of the house and has lost all of its highest leaves, and this flower is very low near the ground too.

At one stage I thought it wasn't even going to flower, so this is a bonus.

Photo 6811

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Possible Foxglove seedlings

Lots of these seedlings have recently appeared. They seem to be clustered around the foxgloves, so I am tentatively assuming that is what they are. I will be sure (or not) once they are a little bigger.

Photo 6809

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Early orchid growth

The Orchids are both starting to grow already. I have a photo of this one in January at the same stage of development and until now I had thought that was when it first started showing. It is possible that it started growing this early last year and I just didn't notice.

Photo 6808

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The Helianthus 'Lemon queen' has been flowering for quite some time, but it now appears to be at its peak with more flowers than buds, rather than the other way around.

Photo 6801

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Rudbeckia 'little henry'

This is Rudbeckia 'little henry'. I got this because it was half price, rather than a considered purchase, and it is a bit of a disappointment so far, compared to the R. 'Goldsturm'. It hasn't grown very well and the flowering stems are all spread out at different angles. The petals are meant to be rolled up, so I'm not sure if the flower is completely out yet.

Photo 6802

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Japanese anemone flower

Here is the first flower this year of the Anemone × hybrida 'Honorine Jobert'. It flowered last year, but there are many more buds this year. It is still only about 50cm tall, but it is expected to be two to three times that when fully grown.

Photo 6800

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End of September round up

There was some heavy winds during the second part of the month. It seemed to dry out some of the plants in the most exposed areas, rather than causing a lot of breakages.

Compare with last year. This year is similar, apart from there being far more plants this year many of which are flowering.


There are still a few gladioli opening up. This pink one is in among the blue ones. I don't remember planting anything other than the blue ones here. Not saying I definitely didn't, just that I don't remember doing so.

Photo 6764

Lavender in the container

Well this is much reduced on last year. It did not grow much at all during the hot and dry part of the year. The flowers were very short too. Now it is doing better and the flowers are more normal size again.

Photo 6770


The plant is much larger than …

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