Geum 'Lady Stratheden'

This Geum has flower stalks before, but the buds all died or were eaten. This is its first flower. The plant itself looks very healthy and is as large as the other that I got at the same time.

Photo 6622

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Tiny strawberries

Last year when I cut out one row of the hedge in the front garden there was a strawberry plant growing which was included in a November six on Saturday.

With more light it has flowered this year and now there are some tiny little strawberries.

Photo 6614

Photo 6615

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Annuals 2018

Although the focus in the garden is on perennials, I've added several perennials this year to fill in gaps and it is working quite well.

I decided that growing Lobelia was too much trouble, so I just got a tray of 25 and put some in the containers and the rest around the edges of the beds. They are mixed colours and so provide a bit more interest.

I also got a tray of 20 mixed Pelargoniums which have also gone into the containers and spread out in gaps in the beds. They have grown at vastly different rates depending on where they were planted which is interesting information. Down the side of the house where even the weeds don't grow, they have remained almost the same size as when they were planted and yet have flowered first. In the containers they have grown very large, and yet were the …

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Sunday in the garden

It was a very warm day today, with clear skies and plenty of sunshine. There are a lot of Large White butterflies at the moment, there is almost always at least one in the garden and I've seem up to four at a time. I also saw a smallish blue butterfly and briefly two other kinds but not for long enough and close enough to identify them for sure.

Digging up the lawn to create more planting space, must have brought up some seeds. There are verbena seedlings everywhere, some Knotgrass and also these two Viola have appeared.

The flowers are tiny but stunning.

Photo 6610

Photo 6609

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HPS seeds update 2

From the five packets of seeds only the Potentilla grew.

There is one seedling that is probably a weed but I don't recognise it, so I am keeping it in case it is something interesting.

I've thrown the rest of the compost in the seed tray into an area in the back corner as you never know seeds may sprout later on, or next year.

The Potentillas are now planted or given away. Here is one of them planted up. I don't know if it will flower this year, I'm not really expecting it too.

Photo 6606

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Sanguisorba flower fully out

Since this flower only started opening yesterday, I was a bit surprised to see that it was fully out this morning!

There was a small amount of rain later on in the day, barely enough to dampen the surface of the soil.

Photo 6593

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Sanguisorba starting to flower

One of the buds on the Sanguisorba 'Lilac squirrel' is starting to open.

This is one of the two plants that were a must have at the beginning of the year for me.

Unusually it is starting to open from the end.

Photo 6585

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It has been very dry for a long time now, it maybe rained once in June and there was very little rain in May either. The last time that I noted a lot of rain was in mid April.

So the rain today was very welcome, seems strange to be writing this but it seemed to be quite the event at the time! There was a few hours of rain, at times reasonably heavy.

Not sure how long that is going to last, but at least all the garden is now wet, including the bits that I have not being watering.

The forecast is for more warm dry weather for the week, so watering may have to resume at some point.

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