Actaea simplex 'Pink spike'

This has been in bud for a long time and at long last the flowers are opening As they first opened they appeared completely white, but there is some pink visible now. Will have to wait and see if this pink colour develops further.

I don't normally comment on scent, but this is highly scented and is noticeable from a distance.

Photo 6762

My other Actaea is even further behind, the original stems never developed any buds, but newer stems that are still quite short do have buds. They seem to be no where near flowering though.

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Lysimachia Candela 'Innlyscand'

This is a smaller Lysimachia, about a foot high. It is rather hidden by everything around it. The flowers are white, and they curve a little, somewhat like Lysimachia clethroides.

Photo 6761

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Six on the 1st September

I am well behind with writing things up, but I thought I would do a Six on Saturday anyway, just to make the problem worse.

There are lots more sixes from gardens around the world, see this weeks post at The propagator for more.

1. Sanguisorba hakusanensis 'Lilac Squirrel'

This was one of my must-have plants for this year. It is now at about its peak with many long tassel like flowers.

Photo 6752

2. Lobelia cardinalis 'Bees' Flame'

This is new this year too. The flowers are similar to the 'Starship scarlet', perhaps a bit bigger. The plant is much taller, which is a disadvantage in this location, as the wind blowing around the side of the house causes everything in this area to lean.

In the background are a couple of the blue Gladioli 'Blue mountain'. I have a small patch of these in the main area and they have …

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End of August round up

See the August round up for last year.

I suppose this is the peak month for flowers in the garden so lets start of with some pictures.

This was one of the 'mixed' selection I bought, that were all red/orange or orange/red. This one stands out for being completely different.

Photo 6741

Lobelia cardinalis 'Bee's flame'
The dry weather this summer may not have been ideal for the Lobelia but they have all flowered well enough. This has been perhaps the best.

Photo 6722

this has bulked out a lot this year. Strangely the place where the flower stems were last year, is devoid of them this. All the flowers this year are in front (towards the house) of last years.

Photo 6723

Geranium wallichianum 'Crystal Lake'
This has a lovely flower, but the plant is spread out in among other things and there is only the occasional flower. I'm going to …
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My single Echinacea flower

I know it doesn't look much, but I get so pleased whenever I see this flower.

This was one of three that came in a packet. One was dead on arrival (probably), and the other has leaves at ground level but has not grown a stalk at all.

I got another packet of three from Aldi, and they turned out to be saponaria ocymoides. Yes I know, not even close.

So it is one out of six. It even has a side branch with another flower bud.

Photo 6690

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Butterflies seen recently

These are the butterflies seen during August. I am no expert on identifying them so I hope I have got the right names.

Comma butterfly

This was on a Geum 'Lady Stratheden'. Seen on the 1st of August.

Photo 20180801_123556717

Cabbage white butterfly

I'm not sure if this is a Large White or a Small White. It is on a Ligularia flower. Seen on the 18th August.

Photo 6679

Butterfly on Helianthus

Not sure what this is, it may be a Small Copper. Seen on the 25th August.

Photo 6711

Speckled wood on Rudbeckia

I believe this is a Speckled Wood. They are quite variable in colour, and the sunlight is reflecting yellow onto and maybe through the wings to some extent. Also on the 25th August.

Photo 6719

Peacock butterfly

A Peacock butterfly was also seen, but its picture came out blurred, so not shown here. I expect there will be one to show in September.

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I planted about 20 of these 'Blue mountain' Gladioli, mostly together in this clump.

They were planted quite deeply and all but one have remained standing without any staking.

Photo 6683

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