Six on Saturday 10th Nov

Lots of rain last night, but by this morning it was sunny. At this time of year most of the garden is in shadow until later. By then, the sun was in and it was rather dull for taking photos. Always seems to happen every Saturday...

I'm doing a Six on Saturday this week while there are still plenty of flowers out.

1 Cyclamen

I bought this a few weeks ago as I like having a splash of colour in this area during the autumn. I don't expect it to survive the winter, but if as long as this winter isn't as bad as last year it may survive the rest of the year.

Photo 6845

2 Gladioli

This is the last Gladioli to flower. Its just an impression, since I haven't kept notes, but it seems that ones that flowered later, are also lasting longer.

Photo 6846

3 Japanese anemone

This is Anemone …

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End of October round up

Compare with last year

There were still plenty of flowers around this month and some plants just getting going.

Some plants flowering this month

This has been flowering away for most of the summer and doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon.

Photo 6813

The first flush of flowers died down, but there was a new lot of flowers not so long afterwards. Both pink ones are still flowering and the red one has buds, although they are no where near flowering yet.

Photo 6814

Winter jasmine
Started flowering again in the central part of it. I have been cutting back the old wood each year but probably not as much as I should do as I'm not sure how much it is holding the fence up!

Photo 6815

Salvia 'Wendys wish'
Earlier in the year, the flowers were more spaced out, with fewer out at the same time. Now it is looking …
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This year I thought I would try out buying bulbs via mail order. I was mainly looking for tulips and I did some research to find varieties that flower year after year. As it happened I ended up with a lot of bulbs, but not so many tulips!

I've also got the tulips in the trough container which have been multiplying over the years. I removed a few which I will plant in the ground. They already had shoots and a few roots.

Also, I got some smaller daffodils, 'February gold' and 'Jetfire'. Some more Ipheion 'Charlotte Bishop', and some I. 'Jessie' which were recommended by Jim and look good.

Also more anemones which I shall spread all over, they flower early and then disappear, so they will go well beneath later growing plants.

Finally some spring flowering Gladioli, and blue Alliums.

They were from Rose cottage plants

Here is …

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Vine weevil attack

One of my Primulas had a few dead leaves so I was idly pulling them off the plant when the whole plant came away from the ground. Dug up the soil and there were lots of vine weevils.

There were not many roots left, but I've replanted it so we shall see how it does.

Photo 6819

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Actaea flower

This is the first flower from my other Actaea. It is Actaea simplex 'Brunette' (Atropurpurea Group). Unfortunately the plant is not doing well in this location. I believe that it is sensitive to the wind whipping around the side of the house and has lost all of its highest leaves, and this flower is very low near the ground too.

At one stage I thought it wasn't even going to flower, so this is a bonus.

Photo 6811

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Possible Foxglove seedlings

Lots of these seedlings have recently appeared. They seem to be clustered around the foxgloves, so I am tentatively assuming that is what they are. I will be sure (or not) once they are a little bigger.

Photo 6809

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Early orchid growth

The Orchids are both starting to grow already. I have a photo of this one in January at the same stage of development and until now I had thought that was when it first started showing. It is possible that it started growing this early last year and I just didn't notice.

Photo 6808

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The Helianthus 'Lemon queen' has been flowering for quite some time, but it now appears to be at its peak with more flowers than buds, rather than the other way around.

Photo 6801

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