Mystery plant

Here is a better picture of the mystery plant from yesterdays six on Saturday. It was meant to be an Echinacea but it clearly is not.

I will keep updating this page as it develops.

Update 22nd May

I have a new idea: maybe it is Saponaria ocymoides.

Here are some pictures of it to compare: here, here and here

It is very close, including the redish stems, the pink 5 petalled flowers, the tube beneath the flower, the leaves are opposite and the general leaf shape. Some pictures of it have thinner petals than others.

Update 21st May

A number of flowers are out now.

Photo 6372

Update 20th May

The flowers are about twice the size of my forget-me-nots and Brunnera and are looking less like forget-me-nots now. Another picture to follow when a few more flowers have opened.

Whatever it is it is quite pretty and almost glows in the twilight.

Update 19th May

A flower opened. It is pink and looks very much like a forget-me-not in size, number of petals and general shape.

So congratulations to the anonymous commenter who said that it looked like a forget-me-not in the original post.

It is not the same kind of forget-me-not that I have all around the garden, but it could be some other forget-me-not species or something closely related that has simlar flowers.

Photo 6368

First picture 13th May

Photo 6338

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