Sunday in the garden

After a week or more of rain and dull misty weather it finally turned sunny later yesterday and for most of the day today. More rain this evening expected and then a dry spell.

It is probably still a bit wet to do anything so I just spent time looking at the new growth and took some pictures.

The tulip that was featured on yesterdays Six on Saturday keeled over during the night and here you can see it bent over the foxglove with a piece of leaf torn off and lying near the base of the stem. I've no idea what is going on here.

Photo 6193

I can never get enough of the primroses so here is another picture.

Photo 6194

The Chionodoxa appeared very quickly and are now on the point of flowering. Buds here are starting to open.

Photo 6195

Here is a bud rising from the center of one of the Bluebells. Fingers crossed that they will be English Bluebells this time.

Photo 6199

Here is the center of one of the Orange Brilliant tulips

Photo 6201

The Polygonatum are starting to shoot. There is also probably some Lilly of the valley in the picture.

Polygonatum Photo 6203

The Anemone blanda are now flowering away. They appear to only open when it bright enough, although where they are does not get any sun, but they still open.

I'm fairly sure that I planted a few in the two back corners as well but there is no sign of them their.

Anemone blanda Photo 6204

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