August garden round up


Pretty poor weather for most of the month, two very wet days at the beginning of the month with large pools of water gathered across the graveled area at the back of the house. There were also a number of times when it was blow-over-the-lavender windy.

In the last week it has been mostly dry and there is not much sign of rain on the forecast for the next couple of weeks.

Its hard for me to say what effect these long rainy spells followed by long dry spells are having on the new plants. Some are certainly not thriving, but maybe they wouldn't have done anyway.


So lets get on to what is flowering. This is roughly in date order, but only roughly.

  • Lobelia "Starship Scarlet". Been in flower for most of the month and I like it a lot.

    Photo 5535

  • Gaillardia

  • Clematis - I don't know the species - it is growing through the Pyracantha and has put on a good show.

  • Catmint - Nepeta "Purrsian blue" For a while this was flowering well and attracted many a bee. It survived for a week or so, then one day, every stem bar one had been removed and placed in a neat pile at the edge of the lawn

    I'm not blaming the chap in the picture, although he did like to nibble on a stem he showed no inclination towards wholesale destruction of the plant

    Photo 5459

  • Mallow - maybe, I don't know - the flower just appeared one day, I hadn't noticed it growing. Just the one flower, but pretty in a photo.

    Photo 5460

  • Eryngium. There are a good many flowers, shame the stems are not self supporting. Even through it has been flowering all month there is another flower stem developing now.

    It's been featured before, but I can't resist another photo of a bee. Or two.

    Photo 5461 Photo 5483

  • Lavender

    Photo 5545

  • Zinnia

  • Salvia "Wendy's wish"

    Photo 5601

  • Physostegia

  • Purple loosestrife two patches of this, both with plenty of flowers considering it's the first year for them here.

    Photo 5568

  • Rudbekia. The flowers are all a bit eaten around the edges, but more flowers to come, so this may not be its best for the year.

    Photo 5602

  • Potentilla

  • Hebe. I'd almost forgotten this was there as I cut it right back and it is overshadowed by other things. There were a few flowers that didn't last long.

    Photo 5505

  • Himalayan honeysuckle, still flowering at the tips of the flower structures, with berries higher up.

  • Geum "Totally tangerine". This stopped flowering for a while and I though it must be done for the year and I would have been happy at that. However there is a new batch of flowers as plentiful as the first batch.

    Photo 5566

  • Mint. I don't know what kind. The whole of the border end where the perenial Lobelias are now was covered with mint, all of which I removed. This one has survied and flowered.

    Photo 5577

  • Verbena borealis. I'm not a big fan of this, particularly where it is. I'll try to encourage it to move further back where it may fit better.

    Photo 5583

  • Japanese Anemone "Honorine Jobert". Who would have thought it. I planted this, many of the leaves quickly died off and I wondered if it would survive. It remains a very small plant, but here we have at least one flower.

    Photo 5599

  • Gazania. There was one flower mid month and a few at the end which I didn't manage to catch before they closed for the night.


Only one plant bought this month which is Polemonium caeruleum "Brise D'Anjou" The RHS website says that it is grown for its foliage and the flowers are best removed. That will not be happening.


I am going to try to create some more rosemary and lavender bushes from cuttings and also make some backups of the less hardy Salvias in case they don't get through the winter.

So far one of the rosemary cuttings is doing well and I will probably make a post on it. The others have not rooted yet.

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