The sedum is a slow growing thing, the flowers have been forming for ages and they are now starting to open. I expect that they have further to open but we shall see how long they will last for.

Photo 5629

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A sunny start to September

A sunny start to the day, so getting this Six on Saturday out early today.

Anemone fortunes reversed

I have two Japanese Anemones bought this year. The first quickly went brown and most of the leaves died off. The second grew well and had quite a few buds.

In the last week however, the second one (a pink variety Anemone hupehensis 'Praecox'), suddenly suffered the same fate as the first. Many of the leaves are turning brown and the buds have all wilted.

On the other hand the first ("Honorine Jobert") now has a flower, with another just starting to open. It is still a very small plant, but it was only last week I think that I was wondering if it would survive.

Photo 5599

I've been watering them in case that is the problem as I read that they need a lot of water until they are established. Then once …

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August garden round up


Pretty poor weather for most of the month, two very wet days at the beginning of the month with large pools of water gathered across the graveled area at the back of the house. There were also a number of times when it was blow-over-the-lavender windy.

In the last week it has been mostly dry and there is not much sign of rain on the forecast for the next couple of weeks.

Its hard for me to say what effect these long rainy spells followed by long dry spells are having on the new plants. Some are certainly not thriving, but maybe they wouldn't have done anyway.


So lets get on to what is flowering. This is roughly in date order, but only roughly.

  • Lobelia "Starship Scarlet". Been in flower for most of the month and I like it a lot.

    Photo 5535

  • Gaillardia

  • Clematis - I don't know the species …

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Muscari appearing again

The muscari already had leaves when I arrived here at the beginning of the year, so I didn't know when they started growing. Well, around now is the answer. I'm surprised that they start putting up leaves so long before flowering in the spring.

Photo 5594

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Six on saturday 26 Aug

Summer has arrived - at long last a whole day without rain and which was sunny and reasonably warm. I went to the beach.

Time for a somewhat rushed six on Saturday. You can see many more of these garden snapshots by heading over to the The propagator blog

1 Purple Loosestrife

Both my purple Loosestrife plants have quite a few flowers on now, enough to start attracting a few bees. Not anywhere near as many as the lavender though.

Photo 5562

Photo 5568

2 Polemonium

For a change I went to one of the chain garden centres which is like a department store with a few plants at the back.

Found this variegated Polemonium in a 3L pot for £3. It looked a bit sad, but I cut away the old stems and brown leaves and it looks fine now.

The leaves look very interesting so I'm looking forward to seeing it grow next …

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Six on Saturday - 19 Aug

Today was a bit breezy. In a blow-the-containers-over, move the bins, make it difficult to walk kind of way. And yet there was a fair amount of sun and it would have been a perfectly pleasant day otherwise.

Did this used to happen in previous decades? Perhaps it is my memory, but it seems to me that in the last five years or so it has become a lot more common for sunny days to also be rather windy and for calm sunny days to become increasingly rare.

Anyway it is Saturday, and so it is time for six things.

1. Himalayan Honeysuckle

I rather like these shrubs for their unusual flowers. The flowers were quite popular with the bees when they were out. Now the berries are forming, they start out red, then turn black, both can be seen in this picture. It seems that the berries are quite …

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Six on saturday 12th August

The rain has poured most of the day, there are pools of water along the edge of the lawn which is itself very squelchy. To keep with the mood here are six things that are just not going at all well in the garden - on a Saturday.

1 Half eaten Rudbeckia flower

This is Rudbeckia "Goldsturm" This was the first flower - It was nibbled before it was even open.

Photo 5499

2 A disappointing Astilbe

I foolishly bought an Asilbe with no information about variety, colour, expected size - my own fault - I can't even say because it was cheap as it was about £6 if I remember correctly and it was in a larger than average pot.

So yes, it put up some leaves and yes it flowered - bright red fading to pink - but it is tiny and would still fit in the pot it came in with room to spare.

I …

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Six on saturday 5

Saturday again, so time for another six things following The propagator blog. I'm not going to add rain as one the things, but it has been very wet recently and is raining as I finish this up.

1 Zinnia

I grew this from seed and this is a very pretty one. The plants have suffered badly from slugs and/or earwigs but this flower has survived.

Photo 5475

2 Lobellia

I am really pleased with this and it is my favourite thing in the garden at the moment. I have another (perennial) Lobelia which is being badly eaten by something. This one (it is "Starship scarlet") has only minor damage and generally looks much healthier.

Photo 5480

3 Japanese anemones

A positive update to last weeks six, where I included one of these, and it was suffering with most of its leaves dying or dead. I removed all the brown leaves and discovered a …

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