Winter jasmine

Just suddenly noticed a couple of days ago that a few flowers had appeared on the Winter Jasmine. It was flowering when I arrived here, so I didn't know when it was likely to start flowering.

Photo 5678

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Saturday six

Lovely start to the day warm and sunny, then got a bit dull in the afternoon. I was wondering if I would be able to scrape together six things, but I did manage without any too recent repetition.

So here goes with another Six on Saturday.

1 Salvia "Radio red"

This Salvia has started flowering again. I got it in mid June and it hasn't grown much since then, so its nice to see the new flowers.

Taking pictures of pure red flowers is difficult as they tend to come out as a featureless blob. In fact they looks like a featureless blob when viewed from the house, so a lot of that is due to how the eye doesn't see shades of red as well as other colours. I reduced the exposure for this photo and it has come out a little better than my previous attempts.

Photo 5666

2 Pyracantha …

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Don't often get a chance to see the Gazanias in flower, so glad to catch this picture. The plants were severly damaged by slugs or some other pest but are now looking quite healthy. Unfortunately there is probably not going to be too many days suitable for flowering as it seem that they need both sun and warmth to open up fully.

Photo 5662

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Six on Saturday 16th Sep

It will be Sunday soon, so without further introduction on to this week's Six things on a Saturday.

1 Sedum

I read that Sedum are very good for attracting bees, hoverflies and butterflies, but I cannot say that I have seen an insect of any kind on these ones. Web searching does bring up many pictures, so it can't be a total myth, but here the bees are still sticking mostly to the lavender and Lythrum. Butterflies sometimes fly over, but don't find reason to land.

Photo 5659

2 Berries

I really like these berries which form bright red bunches that contrast well with the leaves.

I believe it is a Cotoneaster Bullatus also known as a Hollyberry Cotoneaster and the berries do remind me of holly.

The birds are not eating the berries so far, but I believe that they do and this causes it to be quite invasive. There are …

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Wendys wish

I bought this quite late in the year and it was a small plant, but considering that it is doing well with just about every stem flowering away.

Photo 5631

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The sedum is a slow growing thing, the flowers have been forming for ages and they are now starting to open. I expect that they have further to open but we shall see how long they will last for.

Photo 5629

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A sunny start to September

A sunny start to the day, so getting this Six on Saturday out early today.

Anemone fortunes reversed

I have two Japanese Anemones bought this year. The first quickly went brown and most of the leaves died off. The second grew well and had quite a few buds.

In the last week however, the second one (a pink variety Anemone hupehensis 'Praecox'), suddenly suffered the same fate as the first. Many of the leaves are turning brown and the buds have all wilted.

On the other hand the first ("Honorine Jobert") now has a flower, with another just starting to open. It is still a very small plant, but it was only last week I think that I was wondering if it would survive.

Photo 5599

I've been watering them in case that is the problem as I read that they need a lot of water until they are established. Then once …

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August garden round up


Pretty poor weather for most of the month, two very wet days at the beginning of the month with large pools of water gathered across the graveled area at the back of the house. There were also a number of times when it was blow-over-the-lavender windy.

In the last week it has been mostly dry and there is not much sign of rain on the forecast for the next couple of weeks.

Its hard for me to say what effect these long rainy spells followed by long dry spells are having on the new plants. Some are certainly not thriving, but maybe they wouldn't have done anyway.


So lets get on to what is flowering. This is roughly in date order, but only roughly.

  • Lobelia "Starship Scarlet". Been in flower for most of the month and I like it a lot.

    Photo 5535

  • Gaillardia

  • Clematis - I don't know the species …

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