Yellow loosestrife

This is the main patch of yellow loosestrife. To give a better idea of the scale, the tallest one is about four and a half feet tall (1.4m). This is taller than usual - most sources have the height up to 1m.

There is some of the variegated "Alexander" variety as well has the regular one too.

In the bottom right corner there is a Salvia.

Photo 5262

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Lychnis chalcedonica

This was another mystery plant. When I first arrived there were just the dead stalks which I thought were just another patch of the yellow loosestrife. However when it started growing, it was clearly something else.

Now that it has flowered I am fairly sure that it is a Lychnis chalcedonica. It is very different from the other Lychnis species that I am familiar with as it is tall with a thick hairy stalk.

Photo 5249

It is inconveniently situated under the Pyracantha so you have the flower heads reaching up through the branches. The tree does provide support which it might otherwise need to stay upright in the strong winds that we have been getting recently.

Photo 5264

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Six on saturday 17 Jun

1. Hypericum

I'm starting with this, as the first two flowers just opened today in the lovely sunshine we have been having. A couple of weeks ago I was down south for a wedding and saw a Hypericum that was just starting to flower, so here we are about 2 weeks behind.

Photo 5221

2. Eryngium

When the leaves first appeared I had no idea what this was. However I recently saw Eryngium planum in the garden center that had similar roundish leaves, which are different to the Eryngiums that I am familiar with, such as the Neptunes Gold variety that I bought last month. Anyway, it has now put up flower stalks and it is definitely beginning to form into the distinctive Eryngium flower formation although it is still small and green.

Photo 5224

3. Geum

This is a Geum "Totally Tangerine". It has masses of flowers and is providing a bit of …

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Bluebell disappointment

The two bluebells have now flowered and they do not appear to be English bluebells at all. The flower shape and colour is all wrong and the flowers are arranged around the upright stalk rather than being hanging from one side from a drooping flower stalk.

The only things that point towards being English bluebells is that the leaves are narrow and the pollen is maybe a cream colour although I am not sure about the last point. Could well be a hybrid as many bluebells are.

There is one more that has recently started growing a flower so we shall see how that one turns out.

Photo 5156

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Orchid update

The orchids are now fully out, and the picture below is of the larger flower of the two. I have since seen this orchid in a few places around and about so it clearly grows wild in this area.

Photo 5158

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May garden round up

I decided to split this months round up so see the first part with mainly flowers.

The Muscari have finished and are dying back, apart from a single one that strangely is still flowering!

The tulips are almost all finished flowering, although there are two with buds yet to open! Its possible that they never will I suppose.

Also saying goodbye to the Kerria and the Primula flowers.


Here is everything that was in flower during the month. There is a lot when you write it as a list, although the overall impression is still one of greenness.

  • Tulips
  • Aquilegia
  • Kerria japonica
  • Choysia - it is kind of impossible to ignore the intense perfume from these flowers.
  • clematis - it was a bit disappointing, just a few flowers.
  • lily of the valley - flowering nearly finished now
  • Polygonatum
  • Pheasant berry
  • Meadow buttercup
  • Geranium - the two pink ones and a darker blue/purple …
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Chilli at 10 weeks

The plants are now flowering. The top continues to branch in the same pattern with more buds being produces all the time. Although there are beginnings of branches lower down the main stem, they have not developed further so far. The flowers are white with six petals.

Photo 5119

Photo 5120

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