Bluebell disappointment

The two bluebells have now flowered and they do not appear to be English bluebells at all. The flower shape and colour is all wrong and the flowers are arranged around the upright stalk rather than being hanging from one side from a drooping flower stalk.

The only things that point towards being English bluebells is that the leaves are narrow and the pollen is maybe a cream colour although I am not sure about the last point. Could well be a hybrid as many bluebells are.

There is one more that has recently started growing a flower so we shall see how that one turns out.

Photo 5156

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Orchid update

The orchids are now fully out, and the picture below is of the larger flower of the two. I have since seen this orchid in a few places around and about so it clearly grows wild in this area.

Photo 5158

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May garden round up

I decided to split this months round up so see the first part with mainly flowers.

The Muscari have finished and are dying back, apart from a single one that strangely is still flowering!

The tulips are almost all finished flowering, although there are two with buds yet to open! Its possible that they never will I suppose.

Also saying goodbye to the Kerria and the Primula flowers.


Here is everything that was in flower during the month. There is a lot when you write it as a list, although the overall impression is still one of greenness.

  • Tulips
  • Aquilegia
  • Kerria japonica
  • Choysia - it is kind of impossible to ignore the intense perfume from these flowers.
  • clematis - it was a bit disappointing, just a few flowers.
  • lily of the valley - flowering nearly finished now
  • Polygonatum
  • Pheasant berry
  • Meadow buttercup
  • Geranium - the two pink ones and a darker blue/purple …
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Chilli at 10 weeks

The plants are now flowering. The top continues to branch in the same pattern with more buds being produces all the time. Although there are beginnings of branches lower down the main stem, they have not developed further so far. The flowers are white with six petals.

Photo 5119

Photo 5120

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Some May flowers

I'm going to split the end of May round up into two. This first part is mostly flowers, and the real round up post will be more about progress, although there may be some flowers there too...

The lily of the valley were out in force. I'm not a big fan at least for a small garden, but they make a nice picture.

Photo 4978 Photo 4931

The Polygonatum was also flowering in the same area.

Photo 4930

There were a few Aquilegia flowers out, here is a pink one, there are also blue and white ones out. The large plant had masses of flowers but they were a very dark purple, you would almost say black so no picture of them!

Photo 5049 Photo 5037

Its funny what you notice in a photo, there seems to be a few greenfly on the blue one!

Lots of shrubs were in flower. First is one of the Cotoneasters, the bees love …

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Buds on the chilli

Flower buds are forming on the chilli at about 9 weeks. The main stalk has split into two new stems and a flower stalk. Each of the two new stems is doing the same - splitting into two with a flower stalk in between.

Photo 5088

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I've been trying to identify a mystery plant since it first appeared in April. There are two, the first is under The Tree and the second is by the back door at the very edge of the paving.

I've looked though loads of pictures and around the garden centres and not found anything that was remotely alike.

Now the first flower has opened and suddenly it seemed like it might be an orchid and this was quickly confirmed by a search - the leaves are right as well as the flowers.

I wouldn't like to be certain about which exact kind it is but the first one that looked similar was the northern marsh orchid which is a good possibility as I am in the North and the ground is a little damp! But anyway it seems that they are very variable so telling the different ones apart is difficult. So …

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