Butterflies seen recently

Posted Sat 25 August 2018 in garden

These are the butterflies seen during August. I am no expert on identifying them so I hope I have got the right names.

Comma butterfly

This was on a Geum 'Lady Stratheden'. Seen on the 1st of August.

Photo 20180801_123556717

Cabbage white butterfly

I'm not sure if this is a Large White or a Small White. It is on a Ligularia flower. Seen on the 18th August.

Photo 6679

Butterfly on Helianthus

Not sure what this is, it may be a Small Copper. Seen on the 25th August.

Photo 6711

Speckled wood on Rudbeckia

I believe this is a Speckled Wood. They are quite variable in colour, and the sunlight is reflecting yellow onto and maybe through the wings to some extent. Also on the 25th August.

Photo 6719

Peacock butterfly

A Peacock butterfly was also seen, but its picture came out blurred, so not shown here. I expect there will be one to show in September.

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