Six on saturday 17 Jun

1. Hypericum

I'm starting with this, as the first two flowers just opened today in the lovely sunshine we have been having. A couple of weeks ago I was down south for a wedding and saw a Hypericum that was just starting to flower, so here we are about 2 weeks behind.

Photo 5221

2. Eryngium

When the leaves first appeared I had no idea what this was. However I recently saw Eryngium planum in the garden center that had similar roundish leaves, which are different to the Eryngiums that I am familiar with, such as the Neptunes Gold variety that I bought last month. Anyway, it has now put up flower stalks and it is definitely beginning to form into the distinctive Eryngium flower formation although it is still small and green.

Photo 5224

3. Geum

This is a Geum 'Totally Tangerine'. It has masses of flowers and is providing a bit of colour in an area that is a bit empty at the moment.

Photo 5228

4. Verbena

I got this for the container to grow under the rosemary. I didn't realise that it was a semi-trailing variety and would have preferred either a normal variety or a completely trailing one if there is such a thing!

Photo 5231

5. Pheasant Berry bush

There are masses of flowers on this shrub, also know as a Himalayan Honeysuckle or Leycesteria formosa. I've been fascinated with these since I first saw one a year or so ago and was surprised and delighted to find that there was one in the new garden.

Photo 5237

6. Yellow loosestrife

This is a small patch of yellow loosestrife, its not as tall or as impressive as the main patch but I'm including it here as it is interesting that it is growing in the shade of both the fence and a large shrub and indeed other plant in front of it. It does get some sun in the morning on the days that it is sunny, otherwise it is rather dark in there.

Photo 5239

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