End of June roundup

It seemed to be quite a quiet month for flowers as there is still a lot of green. Two very wet periods at the beginning and the end of the month - on the sixth the gravel at the back of the house was partially under water. Can't recall that happening even in winter.


There was one foxglove flowering, there are many plants at the side of the house that I believe are foxgloves in their first year, but only this one flowering.

Photo 5162

This is one of the Gazania plants, it is the best of the six, at least during the month as the others have not flowered much.

Photo 5210

Three Geraniums: the first one is a second smaller clump of the pink one that appeared in May.

Photo 5147

This second one started flowering later than the others, but also is almost now finished. While is was out it was by far my favourite as the flowers are large and are held high above the leaves. It is altogether a very tidy Geranium, whereas some of them can be a bit ragged.

Photo 5177

This is the Geranium Rozanne that I bought. It also has a large flower and it is supposed to flower over a long period, so it may become my favourite when it is better established.

Photo 5199

The Hypericum is in full flower.

Photo 5252

The lovage threw up these extremely tall flower heads, they are 6 foot tall or even a little more.

Photo 5265

It's worth having another picture of one of the marsh orchids.

Photo 5158

The Polemonium I bought is doing quite well and has a good few flowers already.

Photo 5256

I've already had a picture of the yellow loosestrife clump, so here is a closer look at the flowers.

Photo 5273

The Allium flowers:

Photo 5179

The ladies mantle is now a mass of flowers. It was rather flattened by the rain but has recovered a bit.

Photo 5272

Also flowering at some point in the month:

  • Centaurea
  • chalcedonica
  • Geum
  • Lychnis
  • Petunia
  • Pheasant berry
  • Potentilia
  • Salvia
  • Verbena

Flower buds

Plants with flower buds which are likely to flower next month include the Sidalcea, Sanguisbora, one of the Crocosmia clumps, the Sedum the two Purple loosestrife plants and the existing Eryngium.


I managed to only buy three plants in the month.

  • Salvia greggii 'Radio Red'
  • Lobelia × speciosa 'Fan Salmon'
  • Anemone × hybrida 'Honorine Jobert'

I later noticed that the first two are labeled as half-hardy. So we shall see if they survive next year.

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