February roundup

This is a roundup of what happened in the garden during February. Don't forget I have just moved in and am seeing the plants grow for the first time, having to guess at what plants are from last years dead foliage and the new shoots.


There was about two whole weeks of dry weather during the month. The lawn almost dried out! Well not really - the center and right part was still quite soggy. Then it rained for a whole day and everything was saturated again.


Daffodils have flower buds but they have not opened yet.

Photo 4365

There are montbretia sprouting everywhere, with leaves up to a couple of inches.

Of the bulbs that I planted, several tulips are coming up, and there are a couple of either bluebells or muscari. The photo shows one and a tulip.

Photo 4386

The crocuses were not out, one is about to flower and there will be pictures in March.

Other perennials

Most of these have been covered in recent blogs so not much point repeating them here especially as I am not certain what most of them are.

Here however is the latest on one of the mystery plants. I did think of lambs ears, but could be Centaurea, Lychnis or something else altogether.

Photo 4382

I did suddenly realise something that I thought was a small shrub is actually a flowering plant. Originally I thought it could be a Hellebore, but none really look like that. I am now thinking that it is a Euphorbia. Hope the flower is going to be something other than green.

Photo 4392

Photo 4394

Deciduous trees

All the trees/bushes are starting to sprout.

This clematis is starting to sprout leaves. It looked rather lifeless not long ago.

Photo 4375

Photo 4376

This one has very fine twigs and tidy leaf buds. Not a very clear picture of them.

Photo 4377_1

A small tree/shrub alongside the house.

Photo 4378

This is the shrub I cut back a lot.

Photo 4381

The tree in the back left corner. It has some small dark berries. I still don't know what it is.

Photo 4384

Round and about

Hawthorn has begun to get its first leaves, I first noticed on the 21st. There has been a dandelion flower, although in general they are not flowering. No large daffodils are out. I've seen crocuses flowering, although mine are only just on the verge of flowering.

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