Six on Saturday 9th May

Posted Sat 09 May 2020 in garden

Turns out that this is the first Six on Saturday I've done in about 10 months.

There has been very little rain for weeks and although there is plenty of moisture under the surface especially at the front of the garden, I've had to water plants that I've moved or planted and the Hellebore which is in the driest part of the garden near the Cordyline.


My Tiarella's are in general not doing that well, surviving but not thriving, you could say. This Tiarella 'Emerald Elle' is an exception though.

Photo 7698


I can't get over how lovely this Lewisia cotyledon Elise is. It had a flower from late autumn all over winter and is now covered in flowers.

I made a mini-rockery for it with a couple of stones to protect it from the wet winters. Perhaps it wasn't necessary but anyway it is doing well.

Photo 7701


Some Tulips, probably 'Ballerina'.

Photo 7697


Polemonium yezonense 'Bressingham Purple'. The bronze leaves make this really different. The flower stems are not particularly sturdy though and keep blowing down and snapping. One stem is now propped up against another plant.

Photo 7702


This is Geum 'Cosmopolitan'. It seems to be finally getting established after a couple of years of lackluster displays.

Photo 7705


I'm liking these 'Peppermint stick' tulips. It would have been better to plant these in clumps of five or so, but at least there is two together here.

Photo 7681

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