Sunday in the garden

Posted Sun 14 April 2019 in garden

Originally there was some Lonicera hedging in the shape of a cube. I cut it right back to a line of shrubs at the front of the right border. I've always been meaning to remove this and transfer it somewhere else, probably to replace the Laurel in the front garden.

I finally dug it up today, it is in temporary accommodation at the moment and will be moved once I've cut down more of the laurel.

The Geum 'Totally tangerine' was too near the path and it is also overshadowing the Nerines, so I chopped it up and moved it further back. The other pieces have been planted in different places to see how they do. They can be removed if the space is needed.

The Physostegia virginiana 'Crystal peak' needed to be moved forward because it is a short variety, so it is now nearer the path. It hasn't done very well and it is clear it wasn't planted very well as the roots were still in a plant pot shape. So I'm hoping it will do better this year, now that it is hopefully planted better.

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