Seed surprise

Posted Sun 11 February 2018 in garden

I joined the Hardy plant society recently and was surprised to receive a selection of seeds that presumably had been left over from the yearly seed distribution. Here they are mainly for my own reference:

Triteleia laxa
I'd not heard of these before but they appear to be only marginally hardy and need protecting from winter wet, so they may not do too well here.
Salvia stachydifolia
This looks like a fairly tall Salvia. Says to wait until spring to sow.
Hosta ex 'George Smith' (sieboldiana)
I've not so far had any desire to have any Hostas, but I suppose now I shall have some anyway. Well if they survive the slugs. Sow in spring.
Potentilla delphinensis
A yellow flowered Potentilla. The existing Potentillas are not doing very well, so we shall see how this does.
Papaver atlanticum ex 'Flore Pleno'
Orange semi-double flowers, look lovely, looking forward to this one.

I'll be sowing these outside probably in trays until they are big enough to plant. Don't know which of these will flower in the first year if any.

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