Into November

After a wet start early on it got out into a lovely sunny day. I went to the beach, then I stopped off at a garden center on the way back and bought a plant and some bulbs as you do. Totally forgot that it now gets dark very early, so rushed around the garden taking these pictures in the fading light.

1 Primula vialii

So this is what I bought today. I got this along with two packets of Tulip bulbs. The first "orange brilliant" and the second "cape cod" which are red and yellow. Apparently this was an interesting choice.

I don't think the Primula would usually flower at this time of year, they said it would die back and then grow again in the spring.

Photo 5757

2 Cyclamen

Since I liked the previous cyclamen that I bought so much I got another one. Was going to be different colour, but none of them looked all that healthy so I got one that is just the same except that it has fewer flowers and it is planted somewhere that is even less visible from the house.

Photo 5766

3 Sidalcea "Elsie Heugh"

After the poor showing of my Sidalcea, I saw some flowering at the garden center and thought I would get one. So I got one without flowers, and well... it has buds, but I am not really expecting them to open. We'll see.

Photo 5761

4 Heather

This has always been there, but seems to have taken on a bit more life now that the Hypericum has been totally cut back which was shading it before.

This is very small and low growing.

I'm guessing it is a heather, don't really know for sure.

Photo 5765

5 Salvia "hot lips"

This is a regular but since it is the best thing in the garden at the moment, it has to be included. Its interesting how the flowers are very variable. In the center the flowers are almost entirely red, others are half red, and still others are mostly white.

Photo 5763

6 Gaillardia

Another repeat visitor to the blog to finish off with. I love the colours of this flower.

Photo 5759

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